Saturday, 28 September 2013

Rogerthorpe Manor Wedding Photographers | Rachel and Ben

We first met Rachel and Ben before they had set a wedding date or chosen their venues and we were delighted to hear from them some time later with the news that they had named the day.  They then decided against their original choice of church, preferring to have their wedding at St Paulinus, Dewsbury, but this meant a change of date to a week later and we were all very relieved that we had the new date available.  As Rogerthorpe Manor wedding photographers, we suggested it to the couple as the perfect wedding reception venue for them and we were delighted that once they saw it, they fell in love with it too. 

Rachel got ready at the couple's home in Mirfield, just a few minutes drive from the church.  We got some lovely detail photographs, including a gorgeous pair of very sparkly shoes, and some make-up photos, before it was time to leave to meet the boys at St Paulinus, which is beautiful inside but its location and the fact that it has no grounds whatsoever meant waiting for a gap in the traffic and standing in the middle of a fairly busy road, to take photographs of the boys, and later the bridesmaids, at the church door!  

Many of Ben's family and friends had flown half way around the world to share the couple's big day and there was a riot of beautiful, vibrant colours in the clothes they wore. We were joined by Ken and Carol from Phase 5 Productions, who we also recommended to the couple and we knew we'd have a great time working alongside them.  

Rachel arrived with her proud dad for what was a lovely, happy ceremony and the joy in the couple's faces as they tied the knot was a pleasure to watch and capture.  In fact, Rachel never stopped smiling all day long.  Just the kind of bubbly and enthusiastic bride we love working with!  After the ceremony, most of the guests jumped onto a coach for the trip to Rogerthorpe Manor and Rachel and Ben made the journey in a Beauford which looked great in some of the first images we took when we arrived at the venue.

The weather was about as perfect as you could hope for and once we knew that everyone had arrived, we got Rachel and Ben and all their guests on the lawn for a big group photo, which considering this consisted of around 150 people, went very smoothly and more quickly than we'd anticipated due to good co-operation from everyone.  When the groups were done, there was still plenty of time to photograph the new Mr and Mrs Cole together and, of course, not forgetting some beautiful portraits of a stunning bride. Rachel had chosen a cathedral length veil and these lend themselves perfectly to the fashion style bridal portraits we love.

With a large wedding party, the couple and guests had full use of the venue and both the Cawthorne Suite and the Lawrence Suite, usually two separate rooms, had been opened into one huge room which looked absolutely beautiful dressed for the wedding breakfast.

Once the speeches were completed and the gifts distributed we were losing the daylight and we've really noticed the nights drawing in over the past couple of weeks.  There is an ideal time for twilight photographs and the window of opportunity to get them doesn't last long, which we'd explained to Rachel and Ben beforehand.  They were both raring to go and work with us to get some images before the sky went completely black and although we've taken twilight photographs at Rogerthorpe Manor before, we had our eye on a new location to use.

The couple had booked The Sally Army to entertain everyone during the evening but before their first set, Mr and Mrs Cole had their first dance together.  We had a really wonderful and enjoyable time with this lovely couple and their guests.  Rachel and Ben are having a sixty page Italian storybook album which will have loads of images in it and will tell the story of their amazing day.

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Thursday, 19 September 2013

Wedding Photographer Rogerthorpe Manor | Lynsey and Gary

We know that Lynsey and Gary are anxiously awaiting a preview of their wedding images so here goes!  As regular Rogerthorpe Manor wedding photographers, when we work at this gorgeous venue it's always a pleasure.  We are also extremely lucky to be recommended by the owners and staff who we have a great relationship with.  They pull out all the stops to make sure the bride, groom and their guests have a brilliant day and they also give us a lot of help when we photograph there.  Sadly, the weather forecast for Lynsey and Gary's big day was pretty grim and this is always just as disappointing for us as it is for our couples.  We really care about them and just like the Rogerthorpe Manor staff, we will leave no stone unturned to do a really good job, even in difficult conditions.  

We arrived at the venue prepared for having to work mostly indoors and only venture out with Lynsey and Gary tucked under umbrellas, as the rain was so heavy.  Although the English climate is unpredictable, it's rare to have a wedding day when the rain doesn't let up, but we were convinced that this was going to be one of those days.  Janet, one of the senior staff, must have had the same thoughts but rather than just leave it to us to sort out, she'd already arranged for the Rose Room to be cleared of furniture, saving us precious time and giving us somewhere to photograph Gary and his attendants before the ceremony and the smaller family groups afterwards.  We have to thank Janet for being so helpful and although things turned out well in the end, the Rose Room came in very useful.  

Lynsey was unhappy when we met up with her in the bridal suite.  She had been worrying about the weather all week.  As professional West Yorkshire wedding photographers, we have to work with whatever the weather throws at us and after some reassurance that we would still get good photographs and that we had a room to photograph the groups in, our lovely bride's spirits were lifted a bit.

The civil ceremony in the Lawrence Suite was beautiful and emotional and it was clear how overjoyed the couple were that they had finally tied the knot, becoming Mr and Mrs Ridgway, and ending the ceremony with a spectacular lingering kiss!  Much nicer to photograph than the blink and you'll miss it peck!  A quick check outside confirmed it was still raining so we decided to start with photos in the Rose Room and see whether the weather would give us a break!  We had a gut feeling it wouldn't but as we were working, one of the guests announced that the rain had stopped, enabling us to get outside and photograph the larger groups in the garden.  However, the grass was absolutely soaking wet and we wondered whether we dare risk asking everyone to go on the lawn for the big group photo and combined confetti and bubbles shots.  We ran it by Lynsey and as these photographs were something she really wanted, she agreed to go for it.  We really can't tell you guys how happy we were to get these images for you and thank you for being such good sports!  We didn't hear a single complaint about heels sinking into the grass!    

The rest of the day couldn't have been better.  The rain stayed away, the grass dried up, the bridal party were up for a laugh and Lynsey and Gary were brilliant to work with.  The couple have four beautiful daughters between them and Nirvana had written a very touching tribute to her mum and Gary, which was read out during the speeches, after which we had the chance to make the most of the grounds for some fun photos before we headed off with Lynsey and Gary for their romantic photo session.

We're so delighted that the rain stopped for you and we look forward to designing a beautiful storybook of your favourite images.  If you were a guest at Lynsey and Gary's wedding, you are welcome to leave a comment, if you are getting married and thinking about professional Rogerthorpe Manor wedding photography, we would very much welcome your enquiry and if you would be kind enough to Like us on Facebook, we would be delighted.

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