Monday, 27 August 2012

Wedding Photographers Oulton Hall | Katie and Lee

As Oulton Hall wedding photographers we were very excited about sharing Katie and Lee's big day because we knew how enthusiastic they were about their wedding photographs and also because Oulton Hall is such a lovely venue.  The opportunities for photographs are pretty much endless and we are always spoilt for choice but even more so when it's an early wedding and when we have a couple who love photographs as much as Katie and Lee do.

We started very early with Katie as theirs was an 11 am ceremony and we knew it would be a long day because the couple had booked an ice cream van which was scheduled to arrive at 9 pm but more of that later.    

Katie was relaxed and smiling when we arrived at Oulton Hall to photograph make-up, hair styling, gorgeous dress, high heels and bling.  The only thing which we couldn't photograph was the flowers which hadn't arrived by the time we went to meet the boys so Alex came up with some ideas for photographing Katie's bouquet later on.  A peek out of the window confirmed it was raining for a change.  

Lee and his attendants met us right on time in reception and we could tell that the day was going to be one full of fun and laughter.  And it had stopped raining!  The boys looked really smart in their grey suits but they were eager to show off their Lego cufflinks and stripy socks and they had us creased with laughter during their photo session.  

We went back to Katie just before her proud dad walked her down the staircase and into the Repton Room for the civil ceremony and again the registrars were fantastic, allowing us to capture the vows and exchange of rings before everyone enjoyed champagne outside with the weather hanging in there - just - allowing us to complete the groups and Katie and Lee's first couple session outside.

The Repton Room always looks amazing dressed for the wedding breakfast but Katie and Lee's choice of royal blue looked stunning and the elegant table details and cake were next on our schedule to be captured so that they have memories of just how beautiful the room looked.  During dinner it rained - a lot - and it continued raining throughout the speeches, stopping just as they ended.  Fantastic!  Out for some fun shots with the girls who decided something with a bit of an Olympic Games theme would be a good laugh.  

An early wedding has lots of advantages, not least of all it makes a couple's wedding day last longer, they can enjoy relaxed time with their guests and it also means that we can divide the couple photographs into segments so that it remains interesting for the bride and groom.  However, with Katie and Lee we really were in our element and their enthusiasm was so infectious that we spent a bit longer than usual and tried out a few new ideas.  We love the resulting images and it's hard to choose our favourites as there are so many. 

Next stop was to the Claret Jug for the evening party and the couple had a lighting technician add some impressive lighting effects to the inside and outside of the venue. The new Mr and Mrs Deighton took to the dance floor and after capturing this and then Katie's dance with her dad, we stayed on to photograph the ice cream van by which time it was dark.  We allowed ourselves to be bribed with ice cream with a chocolate flake in return for some evening photographs on the golf course.  It was well worth it to get a few more images for Katie and Lee's album which is going to be spectacular.

Thank you for smiling all day, for being so enthusiastic and for making us very welcome. You put so much effort into working with us and the result is loads of amazing images which we can't wait to show you.

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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Wedding Photographer Rogerthorpe Manor | Angela and Tony

When Angie and Tony booked us to photograph their wedding we knew that we were going to be part of something very special.  This was to be the couple's second marriage and although there's nothing particularly unusual about that, this was Angie and Tony's second marriage to each other.  Having divorced, the couple realised they had made a huge mistake and wanted to be together and this time Tony really wanted to give Angie the wedding of her dreams, so as Rogerthorpe Manor wedding photographers, we were over the moon to be chosen to share their celebrations at this beautiful venue on such a special day.

The couple have three lovely children, Jade, Arran and Jordan and this wedding was to be the icing on the cake for the family with Arran as best man to his dad and Jade and Jordan bridesmaids for their mum.

As Castleford wedding photographers, we started at the family's home which is only a short distance from us, ahead of Angie who was still at the hairdresser, but Angie's mum had been left in charge and Angie had made sure that all her accessories were left out for us to photograph whilst we waited for her to arrive in time to have make-up photographs before we left for Rogerthorpe Manor.

Tony and the boys arrived in style in a Hummer and we had some fun with them first, taking photographs with the car and around the grounds.  Rogerthorpe Manor's grounds are compact but are immaculately kept and have some lovely areas to use as backgrounds for photographs.

The girls arrived next, closely followed by Angie and her dad who were early which was great because once we'd made sure that everyone was inside, it meant we had time to take some photographs with the car before the start of the civil ceremony in the Lawrence Suite.

With wall to wall sunshine for the second time that weekend and efficient organisation from the bridal party meaning the groups were done quickly, there was time left to photograph Angie and Tony together and have a lot of fun with the bridal party who were such a good laugh.  The couple had said that they were up for a giggle and they certainly didn't disappoint.

The Lawrence Suite looked beautiful dressed in baby blue and after capturing all the details which Angie had gone to so much trouble to organise, we left everyone to enjoy the wedding breakfast, returning later to photograph the speeches including Tony's which was very emotional and during which he told his and Angie's story.  There was a lot of laughter as well as a few tears.

After dinner the guests enjoyed the Class Laser Clay pigeon shooting set up in the car park before Angie and Tony took to the dance floor.  We'd been let into a secret that theirs would start off as a romantic slow dance, breaking into a fast routine in which their children joined them, making this very much a family dance much to the delight of everyone, including us.  

Thank you Mr and Mrs Blears for allowing us to capture your very special day and for being such great fun to be around.  We wish you all the happiness in the world!

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Sunday, 19 August 2012

Hazlewood Castle Wedding Photographers | Amelia and Alistair's Wedding Photography Selby

Amelia and Alistair married on a beautiful sunny day and one of the few we've had recently when the rain stayed away for the entire day.  As Selby wedding photographers, it was nice to work at a new venue for us, St Wilfrid's Church in Brayton, which is a very pretty country church with a long path leading up to it.

We started at Amelia's parents' home in Osgodby where the girls were busy with various stages of hair styling and make-up applying.  Amelia had described her dress to us when we met for our pre-wedding consultation and it really was a stunner!  It was lovely that we had met her mum and dad previously and it was a pleasure to work in such a happy, bubbly atmosphere as everyone got ready for the day ahead.

The boys were in good spirits when we met them at the church and we had some fun creating some images with a bit of attitude along the side wall of the church where the light was less harsh.  We also met the vicar on his way up the path and were told that he was one of Amelia's former teachers and to "do what you like."  Music to our ears!

Amelia's mum and bridesmaids arrived a few minutes ahead of our bride and her dad enabling us to get a few photographs of them at the church gate before Amelia arrived in an unusual vehicle for a bride - a Range Rover.   It really did look great parked in the courtyard at Hazlewood Castle with Amelia and Ali in front of it and the rich colours of the foliage behind.

After the ceremony we came outside to blazing sunshine and following congratulations and confetti, set off for the drive to Hazlewood Castle, arriving ahead of most of the guests.  When everyone had arrived and with the weather on our side, we quickly completed the group photos requested by the couple before leaving everyone to enjoy champagne whist we spent some time with Amelia and Ali around the venue, being joined by the bridal party a while later for fun photographs.  

The Great Hall is a beautiful room anyway but dressed in purple it looked spectacular. Amelia and Ali assembled for their receiving line and we returned later to capture the speeches which were so entertaining and extremely funny although Ali was certainly put through it by his best man and most of the hilarity was at his expense!  It made for great photographs though.  

With the evening light now softer and much more flattering, Amelia and Ali joined us for a romantic and artistic couple photo session which we have to admit is our favourite time at a wedding when we can get creative, relax a bit and enjoy trying out something a bit different. As recommended Hazlewood Castle wedding photographers, we know that there has been a lot of work going on at the venue and a lovely gateway has been boarded up for several months.  We were delighted to find that it had been opened again in perfect time for Amelia and Ali's wedding.  This gateway is a favourite of ours and lends itself to beautiful bridal portraits and romantic couple shots.

We returned to the castle before the evening party started and took a few photographs in the Victoria Room before Mr and Mrs Formstone were applauded into the Great Hall for their first dance.

We had a fantastic day doing the job we love surrounded by a great bunch of people and we thank Amelia and Ali for choosing us to capture their wedding day.  We hope you love your images!

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