Thursday, 29 March 2012

Baby Photography Castleford | Ellie's Toddler Photographs

Ellie's mum, Emma, had been given a portrait session gift voucher by her friends for a special birthday and it was great to get a date in the diary for Ellie's toddler portrait session in Castleford.  

As professional Yorkshire baby photographers, we knew that at fourteen months' old, Ellie would probably be running round the studio as once babies become toddlers and find their feet, it's a huge challenge keeping them in one place for more than a nano second.  Despite having a cold, Ellie was a live wire and as expected, explored the studio, sat on the floor in all the wrong places whilst smiling beautifully and exploited the entertainment designed to keep her in the right place to the full.  Not only did we work hard, her parents did too!

Apart from one or two quiet moments, Ellie was full of beans so a variety of toys were used to keep her entertained, including our big studio teddy, who took a serious pasting!

To buy a portrait session gift voucher for a family member or a friend, please call us on 01977 730159.  Vouchers are available for any value from £35 upwards.  

Baby Photographer Wakefield | Isabell's Baby Portraits

We were Wentbridge House House wedding photographers for Isabell's parents, Becky and Craig, and a baby portrait was something that they, as well as Isabell's grandparents, had been keen to have for quite a while.  It was lovely to see Becky, her mum and Isabell when they came to the studio recently.

Two different styles of professional baby photography were discussed with Becky beforehand.  As baby photographers in Castleford, we are often asked for modern, high key photographs on a white background and these are really contemporary and ideal when brightly coloured clothes are worn.  Becky had brought a lovely red dress for Isabell to wear.  She was content to play with her stacker tubs for a while but then she got bored, as babies often do, and decided that crawling all over the place was much more interesting!  We honestly thought that we were at the end of the portrait session but for the last few shots we decided to use our striking red chair as it was the perfect match for Isabell's dress and looked amazing against the white background.

As traditional baby photographers in Wakefield, and as Isabell's christening is coming up soon, it was nice to get back to a classical style of portraiture for a while.  This style takes a lot of skill and patience but the results are so worthwhile and it seems that traditional photography is becoming popular again. We knew that these images would look lovely in a sepia tone.  The backdrop used on the photographs came from America and cost us an excess baggage charge!  Was it worth it?  Of course it was.

To book a professional traditional or modern baby portrait session, please call us on 01977 730159

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Wedding Photographer Hatfeild Hall | Helen & Martin's Wedding Photography Wakefield

It's been a long winter and we were very happy to kick off our 2012 wedding season which started with Helen and Martin's wedding in early March.

As wedding photographers in Wakefield, Alex had been exhibiting at a local wedding fair and it was here that he met Helen and her mum.

The couple had some unusual and quirky ideas mixed in with their traditional wedding. Or rather, their wedding at St Peter's Church Centre in Stanley, near Wakefield.  The problem with St Peter's church is that, well, it's literally falling down which is such a shame as it's a very picturesque and beautiful church.  However, the family have been using the church centre for a long time and Helen's mum, Dawn got married there so the church centre means a lot to the family.

After the ceremony, a few shots at the church and confetti throwing, we moved off having decided to take most of the wedding photographs at Hatfeild Hall where we met up with Helen and Martin as soon as they arrived to take some photographs of the new Mr and Mrs Walker, featuring their lovely blue Bentley.

It was a very windy day and as Helen was wearing a gorgeous full length veil, shelter was called for, so after the big group shot on the lawn, we moved the short distance to the front of the hall which improved things for everyone, in particular our bride.

We'd heard about the cake the couple had chosen and it was pretty impressive!  A Disc World cake inspired by the novels of the same name.  The problem was, Helen didn't have the heart to cut into the turtle!!!!  With the speeches before dinner which is always a good idea for a nervous groom, we left everyone to enjoy the wedding breakfast.

After dinner was over and with the light fading, we suggested to Helen and Martin that we get a few photographs of the two of them together before they went back inside to join their guests, take their first dance as husband and wife and party.

Thank you to both of you for choosing us and for being our first wedding couple of 2012.