Thursday, 29 March 2012

Baby Photography Castleford | Ellie's Toddler Photographs

Ellie's mum, Emma, had been given a portrait session gift voucher by her friends for a special birthday and it was great to get a date in the diary for Ellie's toddler portrait session in Castleford.  

As professional Yorkshire baby photographers, we knew that at fourteen months' old, Ellie would probably be running round the studio as once babies become toddlers and find their feet, it's a huge challenge keeping them in one place for more than a nano second.  Despite having a cold, Ellie was a live wire and as expected, explored the studio, sat on the floor in all the wrong places whilst smiling beautifully and exploited the entertainment designed to keep her in the right place to the full.  Not only did we work hard, her parents did too!

Apart from one or two quiet moments, Ellie was full of beans so a variety of toys were used to keep her entertained, including our big studio teddy, who took a serious pasting!

To buy a portrait session gift voucher for a family member or a friend, please call us on 01977 730159.  Vouchers are available for any value from £35 upwards.  

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