Thursday, 29 March 2012

Baby Photographer Wakefield | Isabell's Baby Portraits

We were Wentbridge House House wedding photographers for Isabell's parents, Becky and Craig, and a baby portrait was something that they, as well as Isabell's grandparents, had been keen to have for quite a while.  It was lovely to see Becky, her mum and Isabell when they came to the studio recently.

Two different styles of professional baby photography were discussed with Becky beforehand.  As baby photographers in Castleford, we are often asked for modern, high key photographs on a white background and these are really contemporary and ideal when brightly coloured clothes are worn.  Becky had brought a lovely red dress for Isabell to wear.  She was content to play with her stacker tubs for a while but then she got bored, as babies often do, and decided that crawling all over the place was much more interesting!  We honestly thought that we were at the end of the portrait session but for the last few shots we decided to use our striking red chair as it was the perfect match for Isabell's dress and looked amazing against the white background.

As traditional baby photographers in Wakefield, and as Isabell's christening is coming up soon, it was nice to get back to a classical style of portraiture for a while.  This style takes a lot of skill and patience but the results are so worthwhile and it seems that traditional photography is becoming popular again. We knew that these images would look lovely in a sepia tone.  The backdrop used on the photographs came from America and cost us an excess baggage charge!  Was it worth it?  Of course it was.

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