Saturday, 14 November 2015

Wedding Photographer Oulton Hall | Caroline and Richard's Wedding

We are so lucky to work with the loveliest couples and it's been a pleasure getting to know Caroline and Richard during the run up to us being their Oulton Hall wedding photographers, towards the end of October, on the last day before the clocks went back, so an extra hour of daylight,  but a day of very mixed weather.  Naturally, Caroline was hopeful of a day without rain and so were we, but rain we had and wind as well; not an easy combination for any Wakefield wedding photographer to deal with but at least with wedding photography at Oulton Hall you know that if the weather isn't great you can still get beautiful images indoors.  Caroline got ready at home and she was determined to be in her stunning San Patrick dress in enough time for us to capture dad's reactions, before we left to start the All Saints' church, Featherstone wedding photography with Richard and his boys.  The rain had started when we were at the house but it eased enough when we were at the church to allow us to take photographs outside.  Our white umbrellas came in useful!  A beaming Caroline arrived and we enjoyed capturing the couple's beautiful marriage ceremony, conducted by the lovely Father Joe.  The couple wanted to get to Oulton Hall as quickly as possible after the ceremony and have most of their photos there but leaving the church was a risk as rain was threatening again and we knew that once we'd left, the chance to photograph the groups inside the church was lost, but we decided to risk it and make the trip to Oulton Hall straight after the confetti.  The rain held off and gave way to blue skies and with some impressive organisational skills from their attendants, everything worked out fine and we managed to get the groups done and some beautiful couple and bridal portraits too.  It was chilly and windy but these guys were delightful to work with.  Caroline was just happy to get the photographs she wanted so she didn't show it even if she was cold and neither she nor her new hubby stopped smiling.  The Oulton Suite looked gorgeous, full of pretty details that the couple had put so much thought into, and the speeches were a perfect mix of hilarious and emotional.  We met up again after the wedding breakfast for an evening bride and groom portrait session and we had such a great time whilst we worked together to create our signature style wedding art images.  It's been hard to narrow down the ones to feature on here but we look forward to sharing the whole collection with Caroline and Richard soon.  Congratulations guys!  Thank you for being fabulous to work with and for the glowing comments we received not only from Caroline, but also from her mum, Pat.  Can't wait to see you all!

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Saturday, 7 November 2015

Wedding Photographers Rockliffe Hall | Helen and Chris's Wedding

We were delighted to be chosen by Helen and Chris as their Rockliffe Hall wedding photographers.  We love working at new venues and during our recce of this stunning hotel we knew we'd be spoilt for choice, with some great places both indoors and out.  On the day we were lucky that the weather held for us and allowed us to work outside at the locations we'd chosen for Rockliffe Hall wedding photographs before the wedding breakfast when we still had daylight, leaving the indoor portraits for the early evening.  We love it when we have a bubbly and fun bride, as enthusiastic about her photographs as Helen was.  With everything at one venue, we caught up with her and the girls, and the make-up artists, and Kevin, the hair stylist, in the bridal suite, as they painted faces and twirled hair.  Kevin is a very funny guy and he provided lots of giggles as we all worked, and he continued to make us laugh later on in Chris's room, as he gave our groom's hair its finishing touches.  The boys met up with us outside for their photographs, we allowed enough time to get back to Helen's room afterwards and it was lovely to watch two proud dads as they saw her in her spectacular Ian Stuart dress for the first time and then walk their beautiful daughter into the ceremony. Being a two photographer team means we can photograph the wedding ceremony from two different viewpoints and usually we both capture civil ceremonies from either side, at the front, but the perspective of the columns in Rockliffe Hall's orangery is so striking that we decided to photograph as we do in a church, with Alex at the front and Janet at the back, as Helen and Chris tied the knot.  Now it's fair to say that Chris wasn't quite as enthusiastic about being photographed as Helen was but he did admit that it wasn't anywhere near as bad as he'd feared.  Glad to hear that Chris! After the speeches Chris had a surprise for his bride and he really wanted a sequence of images which perfectly captured Helen's reactions as she unwrapped the fabulous Marilyn Monroe picture he'd bought for her.  We had a walk around this beautiful hotel and got some romantic couple shots and artistic bridal portraits for Helen and Chris's wedding album before first dance and party time. Congratulations Mr and Mrs Athey and thank you for letting us have the pleasure of sharing your wedding day and for looking after us so well. Such a fabulous couple who we loved working with, a cracking venue, wonderful guests and lots of fun.

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