Monday, 29 August 2011

Wedding Photographer Wentbridge House | Wedding Photography Leeds for Victoria and Gavin

Vicky got ready at her parents' Jan and David's house and Gavin got ready at his and Vicky's house just five doors away.  This meant that we could photograph both the bride and the groom's preparations which is a nice bonus for the couple and gives them a few extra photographs of a part of the day which is not often documented.  Vicky's dad made us very welcome and a short time later, Vicky returned from the hairdresser.  We'd already taken over her sister, Jen's bedroom for the dress and bridal bits and pieces shots.  Vicky's dress was gorgeous - a Sophia Tolli gown with lots of beautiful detail on it.

Bridesmaids Jen, Kelly, Susie and Megan were so helpful, running errands and helping us to organise some lovely shots for Vicky and nothing was too much trouble for any of them.  

We left Vicky to finish her make-up and went to check on Gavin and his best man, Rob, who continued with the same helpful attitude shown by the bridesmaids, really looking after the groom and making sure he was ready in good time.

We managed to grab a few photographs as Jen laced Vicky's dress before we jumped in the car and headed off for Holy Trinity church in Rothwell.  The boys were waiting for us, nice and early and ready for photographs.

With plenty of time before Vicky's arrival, we were able to photograph Jan with the bridesmaids and pageboy, Carter with the men and still have time in hand to take pictures of each bridesmaid in turn before we walked to the gate to wait for Vicky and David. 

As Leeds wedding photographers, we know that the vicar at this church only allows photographs from the back but this is most definitely better than none at all and this pretty church does make for lovely wedding pictures. After Vicky and Gavin's wedding ceremony, we took at few photographs and then left to travel to Wentbridge House for the reception and again, nothing was too much trouble for the couple's attendants, with Rob, Nathan and the rest of the boys helping get people together for groups and generally making sure that everything ran smoothly.

We are regular wedding photographers at Wentbridge House and when the weather is kind, the beautifully kept lawn is perfect for group photographs and fun shots with the bridal party.  However, the time left for photographs before dinner was short and so some of the shots we'd planned with the couple had to be delayed until after the wedding breakfast and speeches.  We kept our fingers well and truly crossed that the weather would hold out and it almost managed to stay dry, although we did feel a few spots of rain as we got the bridal party together.  It didn't deter them and the resulting sequence of images was well worth it.  Thank you guys for being such good sports and for ignoring the rain drops!  

We worked outside right up until the very last of the daylight before going inside to chat to Winston, the resident DJ. Winston called Vicky and Gavin onto the floor for their first dance together and as their guests quickly followed, we stayed to capture a few more images of everyone having a great time.

Our thanks to Vicky and Gavin, the new Mr and Mrs Hough, for asking us to share their lovely, fun packed wedding day!

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Wedding Photographer King's Croft Hotel | Wedding Photography Castleford for Laura and Dominic

As wedding photographers in Castleford, the King's Croft Hotel is a venue we work at on a fairly regular basis as it's one of the closest wedding venues to us.  When we arrived, the King's suite was being dressed in a lovely plum colour scheme and we thought that there was a good chance it might be finished before we had to leave for church, enabling us to photograph the room all set up, saving a bit of time later in the day.

We remember Laura and Dom coming to see us to discuss their wedding photography.  We were really happy to have been recommended to them by one of Laura's mum's friends, as we had photographed her daughter, Anna's wedding to Stuart a couple of years earlier.
Laura had arranged to get ready at the King's Croft and she wondered how we were going to manage to photograph her dress and accessories in the tiny room we were all crammed into.  She needn't have worried as we've managed in spaces which were much more cramped than this!  Laura had described her dress as quite plain and simple.  Well plain and simple it certainly wasn't!  It was just stunning and it suited Laura perfectly.  Her bouquet of ivory roses and orchids was gorgeous too.

We left Laura and her bridesmaids to their final preparations, checked out the King's suite which was finished, so we photographed the room and some of the details and then set off for St Joseph's Catholic church in Castleford where we met up with Terry and Lauren from Picture House Wedding Films.  We really enjoy working with this father and daughter team.  We get along really well and we know what a brilliant job they do.

As most of the boys were late arriving, we photographed Dom on his own first and then grabbed all the guys for a few shots together before we had to let them go and do their ushering duties.  Laura and Dom had five little pageboys and a flowergirl all between the ages of two and six.  They wanted them photographed together.  No pressure then!

Laura arrived with her dad Steve in a cream Beauford, looking stunning and feeling very nervous.  We were looking forward to photographing the ceremony as although it's a long time since we last worked at St Joseph's in Castleford, having chatted with the priest about what his rules were regarding photography during the proceedings, he had said that there weren't any.  We were really grateful for this as it meant we could get two different viewpoints during the service as the couple exchanged their vows.

Mr and Mrs Snee exited the church and had a few photographs taken on the lawn before leaving for the wedding reception at the King's Croft.  They had told us that they weren't much into posing or doing anything overly arty, they just wanted a handful of group shots and some relaxed and informal photographs.  As it was, things ran late and so we had only a short time before everyone sat for the wedding breakfast.  We managed to get all the group shots done except for the big group of everyone but as the weather played ball, this was something we were able to capture after dinner.  

After the speeches, the couple went for a walk with us so that we could photograph them away from everyone else before we returned to the guests to take candid shots as they relaxed and enjoyed the evening sunshine.  This included grabbing some action shots as Dom spun one of the pageboys round by his arms!  Kids just love this kind of thing and it made for some great pictures.

After we photographed the couple's first dance as husband and wife, we left everyone to party. 

Congratulations Laura and Dom and thank you for asking us to capture your wedding day.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

York Pavilion Hotel Wedding Photographer | Wedding Photography York for Geraldine and Martin

As York wedding photographers, we were looking forward to Geraldine and Martin's civil ceremony and celebrations on one of the most popular dates of the year for weddings - the first Saturday in August.  This is one of those dates which wedding photographers could book over and over again and Geraldine and Martin must have realised this as they had secured our services almost two years before their big day.

This being a very popular wedding date didn't necessarily mean that the weather would be kind to us and chatting to our close friends who are also professional wedding photographers, it seems that we all had to work around heavy rain at some point during the day.

We started at Geraldine's parents' home in York where we got on with photographing all the girly bits and pieces, including Geraldine's gorgeous dress, whilst she was still at the hairdresser.  When she arrived back, it was her turn in the make-up chair, followed by a few photographs having her dress done up before we had to leave for the Pavilion Hotel in York.

Martin was lucky because the rain held off for his photographs and those with his attendants before the ceremony, starting with a joke picture which Martin asked for as a "surprise" for Geraldine, or Gez as she is affectionately known.  What do you think of the York City scarves Gez?  The sky gradually got blacker and the rain came down a few minutes before Gez arrived with her dad and it continued throughout the civil ceremony, drinks reception, group photographs, couple shots, bridal portraits and most of the wedding breakfast.  

You can't do anything about the weather and what mattered most was that Gez and Martin tied the knot in a lovely, personal ceremony.  They kept smiling despite the heavy rain, went outside with one of our white umbrellas, had a few pictures taken and then went off for a drive together in their Beauford.  The rain was so heavy that all the group photographs had to be taken inside but this didn't present too much of a problem because the John Barry suite had been quickly cleared of chairs and we were able to work in this large room with its big windows and lovely drapes.

When we'd visited York Pavilion Hotel with the couple to discuss their wedding photography, we had the idea to photograph Gez in the John Barry suite after the ceremony anyway and we would have done this even if the weather had been good because Gez was really enthusiastic about our ideas for some artistic bridal portraits.  She looked beautiful!

After the wedding breakfast, the rain did finally stop and we were very happy to be able to get outside without brollies for a while, photograph the couple being showered with confetti and then spend a short time with them in the lovely gardens of the hotel.  Geraldine didn't even mind walking on the grass which was, it has to be said, pretty soggy! 

Gez and Martin's first dance was to L.O.V.E. by Joss Stone and Martin had a surprise for his bride, spelling out the letters with his arms to a delighted Gez.  Thank you for giving us the privilege of sharing your wedding day Mr and Mrs Poole.

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Hey Green Wedding Photographer | Kirsty and John's Wedding Photography Huddersfield

It's quite a long time since we were wedding photographers at Hey Green Country House Hotel in Marsden and we'd been looking forward to photographing Kirsty and John's wedding at St Bartholomew's church and to working at Hey Green again. 

Kirsty and John's wedding was on one of the hottest days of the year so far.  We arrived at Kirsty's parents' beautiful home in Slaithwaite for bridal prep photographs.  We had the pleasure of meeting Max, Kirsty and John's lovely Rhodesian ridgeback and Dougie, Ann and Steve's dalmation, who were confined to the kitchen!  

Kirsty had chosen a gorgeous colour scheme of Cadbury purple and bright orangey yellow and a big bonus was that Kirsty was in her dress before we had to leave for church, so we got some beautiful bridal portraits on the staircase and in the hallway before we set off.  This doesn't happen all that often as things usually overrun but we love the opportunity to get these shots when the bride's dress is still pristine and the flowers are fresh. 

We arrived at St Bartholomew's church in Marsden and a chat with the vicar established that we could photograph the ceremony from the back of this huge church.  The dress code for the boys was top hat and tails and they looked very smart.  For John, we decided to take some photographs wearing his hat and some without because at this stage, Kirsty wasn't there to tell him whether to wear the hat or not!  

Kirsty arrived with her dad in a classic Rolls Royce and as she was a bit early, it allowed us to get some nice pictures of her in the car and at the church door with her dad and bridesmaids, before we photographed the ceremony, congratulations afterwards, the walk down the long pathway and the shower of confetti at the gate.  The guests then left for Hey Green Country House Hotel whilst we took some photographs of the newly married couple on a narrow lane beside the church.  This spot is very pretty and has a river running alongside the lane with a bridge over it.  Apparently, it has been featured in the television comedy series Last of the Summer Wine.   

Kirsty and John had requested a stop off enroute to the reception venue for some romantic photographs with their car and with the moors in the background - weather permitting.  Well they certainly dropped lucky with the weather and as Huddersfield wedding photographers we know what spectacular scenery there is in this area.

On arrival at Hey Green Country House Hotel, all the guests were waiting and with the help of William, the professional toastmaster, we got the big group shot in the can before we changed location for the family groups and bridal party fun pictures including the throwing the top hats in the air shots.  Everyone was great fun and William made sure that the group photo session ran like clockwork, leaving us time before the receiving line started to photograph the wedding breakfast room and all the table details. 

The speeches were really funny and some hilarious expressions were captured.  Kirsty's dad was, apparently, still writing his speech when we arrived at the house and this perhaps explains why he was nowhere to be seen during the morning preparations.  Or had he just gotten out of the way of all the ladies????  Who knows?  Anyway, his speech was brilliant and produced some priceless expressions from Kirsty.

The couple had told us that they really wanted some photographs down by the lake but with tight timings, we knew that this might not be possible until after the wedding breakfast.  However, as soon as the speeches were over, we all set off down the stone steps to the lakeside.  We were joined by millions of midges which weren't welcome at all but we hope that the images we captured were well worth putting up with the pests for a few minutes!  The evening light was much softer now and this is our favourite time at a wedding - the time we spend with the couple - and the time when we get some of the best photographs of the day, including one stunner and a personal favourite - Kirsty showing off her beautiful, full length veil.

Mr and Mrs Stanger - you were stars!  Thank you for choosing us to capture your special day.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Wedding Photography Patshull Hall | Thank you from Fiona and Euan

We were so happy to receive the following from Fiona and Euan whose wedding we photographed at Patshull Hall in Wolverhampton last month.  We are very lucky to be doing a job we love - photographing weddings for lovely couples - but to receive something like this is the icing on the cake and we feel it sums up perfectly what we're about and what our clients can expect from us.  Thank you Mr and Mrs Scott!

"Our friends Dan and Carole spoke so highly of you as their wedding photographers that we couldn't not look into using your services, despite our wedding being in a different part of the country to the one you usually work in.  From the moment we met you and saw your work we knew you were the right choice.  I guess anyone can turn up and take photos, but you both did so much more than that including advice before the day, site visits, regular contact, providing creative ideas, talking about your passion for photography, your professionalism, making us feel both at ease and like film stars for the day, and even a mini pep talk from Alex before the ceremony!  These are all the things that make your service so special.  The photos we have seen are stunning and we can't wait to see the rest.  Thank you for capturing our day so perfectly.  Euan and Fi   x"