Tuesday, 16 August 2011

York Pavilion Hotel Wedding Photographer | Wedding Photography York for Geraldine and Martin

As York wedding photographers, we were looking forward to Geraldine and Martin's civil ceremony and celebrations on one of the most popular dates of the year for weddings - the first Saturday in August.  This is one of those dates which wedding photographers could book over and over again and Geraldine and Martin must have realised this as they had secured our services almost two years before their big day.

This being a very popular wedding date didn't necessarily mean that the weather would be kind to us and chatting to our close friends who are also professional wedding photographers, it seems that we all had to work around heavy rain at some point during the day.

We started at Geraldine's parents' home in York where we got on with photographing all the girly bits and pieces, including Geraldine's gorgeous dress, whilst she was still at the hairdresser.  When she arrived back, it was her turn in the make-up chair, followed by a few photographs having her dress done up before we had to leave for the Pavilion Hotel in York.

Martin was lucky because the rain held off for his photographs and those with his attendants before the ceremony, starting with a joke picture which Martin asked for as a "surprise" for Geraldine, or Gez as she is affectionately known.  What do you think of the York City scarves Gez?  The sky gradually got blacker and the rain came down a few minutes before Gez arrived with her dad and it continued throughout the civil ceremony, drinks reception, group photographs, couple shots, bridal portraits and most of the wedding breakfast.  

You can't do anything about the weather and what mattered most was that Gez and Martin tied the knot in a lovely, personal ceremony.  They kept smiling despite the heavy rain, went outside with one of our white umbrellas, had a few pictures taken and then went off for a drive together in their Beauford.  The rain was so heavy that all the group photographs had to be taken inside but this didn't present too much of a problem because the John Barry suite had been quickly cleared of chairs and we were able to work in this large room with its big windows and lovely drapes.

When we'd visited York Pavilion Hotel with the couple to discuss their wedding photography, we had the idea to photograph Gez in the John Barry suite after the ceremony anyway and we would have done this even if the weather had been good because Gez was really enthusiastic about our ideas for some artistic bridal portraits.  She looked beautiful!

After the wedding breakfast, the rain did finally stop and we were very happy to be able to get outside without brollies for a while, photograph the couple being showered with confetti and then spend a short time with them in the lovely gardens of the hotel.  Geraldine didn't even mind walking on the grass which was, it has to be said, pretty soggy! 

Gez and Martin's first dance was to L.O.V.E. by Joss Stone and Martin had a surprise for his bride, spelling out the letters with his arms to a delighted Gez.  Thank you for giving us the privilege of sharing your wedding day Mr and Mrs Poole.

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