Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Boudoir Photographer West Yorkshire | Shelley's Boudoir Photography Session

As boudoir photographers in West Yorkshire, we offer beautiful, classy and tasteful boudoir photography, in our lovely studio, to new and existing clients.  Our clients are very important to us, we invest plenty of time with each and every one of them as we create images to be treasured, and our attention to detail is something we are really proud of, so you won't find us advertising cheap deals on Groupon and then employing high pressure selling techniques later.  We think that beautiful boudoir photography is a luxury service and shouldn't be cheapened.  We also think that it's vital that we aren't watching the clock too much and so we accept no more than two boudoir photography sessions a day and sometimes only one for clients who want to be able to change underwear several times for a variety of looks, resulting in one of our gorgeous boudoir photo books, which really are stunning. 

Due to the private and personal nature of this kind of photography and because client confidentiality is something we take very seriously, often we can't display the images we take.  However, Shelley was more than happy for us to use her images to advertise our Yorkshire bridal boudoir photography service.  She wanted an extended studio session to allow plenty of time for a variety of photographs, from those in her wedding dress, to some in different sets of underwear.  We chose a white background for the bridal boudoir images to give a high key, almost angelic look, black satin and a black background for a more sultry and glamorous style, and we finished the shoot with Shelley wearing her leather biker jacket and jeans for some edgy and sexy images.  

To book us for your Castleford boudoir photography session, please call Janet on 01977 730159.  You can choose a shorter session to include photographs taken in two sets of underwear which is ideal for a piece of wall art for your bedroom or a small number of prints, or book us for a longer session to allow for a variety of looks which is perfect if you'd like one of our fabulous, individually designed books or a larger selection of prints.    

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Hazlewood Castle Wedding Photographers - Sarah and Richard

It was a pleasure to be wedding photographers at St Giles' Church, Copmanthorpe for Sarah and Richard, and to have the opportunity to work again at this pretty village church, which is only a couple of minutes away from Sarah's parents' home, where she got ready for the ceremony, along with her bridesmaids and baby daughter, Eleanor.  

We took the short drive to the church to meet Richard and after the dreadful weather of the previous week, it was fantastic to enjoy a warm and dry day.  Not only was this a very special day for the couple, it was also a very special day for Eleanor, as she was christened during the same ceremony.  We were joined by our good friends Ken and Carol Wilson from Phase 5 Productions, who captured the day on film.  We always enjoy working with them and they do a fantastic job, leaving us to get on with the photography whilst they concentrate on capturing events as they unfold.  

After the ceremony and an impressive confetti throwing effort by the guests, we left for Hazlewood Castle, where glasses of Pimm's were waiting in the courtyard for the guests to enjoy on arrival.  The canap├ęs looked good too!  As Sarah and Richard arrived in their Beauford, we did feel a few spots of rain but thankfully, it didn't amount to anything, meaning that as planned, we could photograph the groups outside in the courtyard, our favourite location for these.  As Hazlewood Castle wedding photographers, we are always spoilt for choice for backdrops to use in our photographs, but as time was short, featuring these in the couple photographs had to wait until later.  

The vibrant Cadbury purple that the Sarah and Richard had chosen as their colour scheme looked stunning in the Great Hall, and we set aside a few minutes to capture an image of the whole room, the details on the tables, and the cake before the receiving line started, followed by speeches before the wedding breakfast, which we think is a brilliant idea if any of the speakers are at all nervous.

With a few groups left to do after dinner, Sarah mentioned the possibility of doing some fun shots with their group of friends.  We're always up for this and those guys really went for it, giving us a great sequence of images which will look fantastic in the couple's wedding album.

Once everyone had gone back inside, it was lovely to have some quiet time for some couple photos and bridal portraits, around the grounds of Hazlewood Castle, before the first dance and evening party.  It was great to see Russell Shaun, the swing singer again, who along with his band, entertained the guests.

Our congratulations go to Sarah, Richard and Ellie.  We really appreciate being invited to capture your very special day.

If you are looking for a professional wedding photographer for Hazlewood Castle, please give us a call on 01977 730159 and we hope you enjoy the images which are copyright protected.

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Friday, 16 May 2014

Priory Cottages Wedding Photography - Jill and Paul

As West Yorkshire photographers, we got to know Jill and Paul a couple of years ago when we had the pleasure of photographing their baby daughter, Hattie, who has now grown into a gorgeous little girl.  We were delighted when Jill contacted us to tell us that she and Paul were planning to get married.  At that point they didn't have a date and were still looking for a wedding venue.  Jill had asked about our availability and we already had a very busy May 2014 for wedding bookings, but as luck would have it, Jill and Paul were offered a date for their wedding at Priory Cottages, following a cancellation.  They loved the venue as soon as they saw it, and the date just happened to be our last free Saturday in May.  Sometimes you get lucky!

We've been Priory Cottages wedding photographers a few times before but this was our first time photographing a civil ceremony there and the first time the weather has really let us down.  It's a very pretty venue, surrounded by open fields and countryside, and lovely when you have good weather.  

We started the day with Jill and the girls who were getting ready in one of the cottages.  Jill had chosen a stunning fitted lace dress which suited her perfectly.  The flowers in mixed pastel colours were beautiful.  She also had a spectacular pair of very high heeled shoes. 

We left the girls to photograph Paul and his best men, and we were happy to be able to work outside and get some relaxed shots of them before we returned to Jill, a few minutes before her walk into the ceremony with her dad, Derek.  We'd had a chat with the registrars beforehand to find out what their policy was regarding photographs during the ceremony and it was a pleasure to work with such friendly and accommodating people.  

It has to be said that the weather was pretty horrendous for most of the day, but as Jill wasn't keen on having the group photos taken inside, we were lucky and relieved when the rain stopped and gave us a very welcome, albeit it short, break.  It was just long enough for us to dash outside and get the group photos done, plus a few of the new Mr and Mrs Reid. The big group photo of everyone took two attempts, as the first time we tried it, we got some of the guests outside, the rain started, and understandably, they all legged it back inside!  

The marquee looked lovely in its vintage style theme and the best men's speeches were hilarious.  They put Paul through a few minutes of embarrassment but the resulting expressions did make for some great images.  We were hoping for another break in the weather after the wedding breakfast but unfortunately we didn't get one.  The torrential rain and strong wind made it almost impossible to be outside so we found an area inside the marquee for some bridal portraits before the evening party kicked off and Jill and Paul took to the floor for their first dance together.

Thank you very much for booking us for your wedding photography at Priory Cottages. We look forward to designing a beautiful storybook for you.  If you were a guest at Jill and Paul's wedding, you are welcome to leave a comment, and if you fancy following us on Facebook, we'd really appreciate it.

Please enjoy the images which are the copyright of Alex & Janet Durasow, but do not crop out our details as they are there to advertise us and our services.  Thank you very much.