Wednesday, 27 July 2011

West Yorkshire Mother and Baby Photography | Adele and Leighton

Our latest young client was Leighton, whose mum, Adele, contacted us to ask about a baby portrait session.  We knew from having a chat with Adele that as Leighton was already crawling he would need to be distracted with toys to keep him in one place for more than a split second or otherwise we'd have to be lightning fast to get some photographs of him!  A combination of both, along with plenty of time, lots of cuddles from mum, a bribe in the shape of a bowl of black grapes which he loves, along with a few rice crackers thrown in did the trick.  He looked really cool in this outfit and when he and Adele had some mother and baby photographs taken together, you could see how devoted Adele is to her son.

Baby Photographers in Castleford | Alex

We were wedding photographers for Claire and Neil when they married in February 2009 and we first met their gorgeous baby boy, Alex, at Neil's sister, Mellisa's wedding to Gareth in February this year.  Claire mentioned that she'd like us to take some baby photographs of Alex and we'd planned to do this, ideally before he started to crawl.  Claire got in touch to tell us that Alex was just starting to get mobile so we got him booked in before he was up and running!  Babies are best photographed when they are new born and the perfect age is five or six days old.  After this, the next time they are great to photograph is when they are sitting solidly but can't yet crawl.  This way, you can get some fabulous expressions and interaction from them but they can't escape!  Alex was so fantastic to photograph, smiling throughout several wardrobe changes and seemingly forgetting the fact that he could crawl a bit.  He sat there smiling and pointing and enjoying watching his mum and dad acting silly to make him laugh.  A lovely baby and a great set of baby pictures, six of which are going to be displayed together in a multi frame.  We really are lucky in that we often become family photographers to our fantastic clients.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Children's Photography West Yorkshire | Darcy and Dylan

We first photographed Darcy aged around seven months at his home in Wakefield.  It was great to hear from his mum, Louise, after all this time to tell us that Darcy has a little brother, Dylan, who is a year old and that Darcy is now five!  Can't believe how quickly the time has gone but it was so nice that Louise remembered who took her eldest son's baby photographs and that she loved them so much that she wanted her younger son photographed by us too.  This time Louise and hubby, Damian brought Dylan, along with Darcy, to the studio.  She'd told us that Dylan was much more shy than Darcy and wondered how he would perform in front of the camera.  He clung tightly to his dad for a while and we plotted how best to get him onto the background without tears or tantrums.  Getting big brother Darcy involved was the answer and him lying on his tummy in just the right spot along with some encouragement from mum proved a big enough temptation for Dylan who soon jumped on Darcy's back.  It's great fun to rag your big brother, jump on him, cover his eyes up and get away with it.  He thought it was hilarious and had all of us in stitches too!  After some time having photographs together, the boys each had a turn in front of the camera - Darcy really loving it and even suggesting his own ideas for photographs and Dylan - well, not much sign of shyness there!  

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Patshull Hall Wedding Photographers | Thank you from Fiona and Euan

A few weeks ago, we were the Patshull Hall wedding photographers for Fiona and Euan when they married at this stunning venue on the most perfect summer's day.  Following a post about their wedding on our Blog and on our Facebook page, we were delighted to receive the following message from the couple and we are really grateful that they took the time to send this when they were honeymooning in Bali.

"Hi Janet - just a quickie from Bali to say that we LOVE the pics you have posted on my Wall and on your blog.  They had us grinning like Cheshire cats!  Can't wait to see the rest of them.  Hope you and Alex are well.  See you when we get back xx"

Monday, 18 July 2011

Nostell Priory Wedding Photography | West Yorkshire Wedding Photographers | Alison and Mark

The met office had predicted rain and if we were really unlucky, hailstones, for Alison and Mark's wedding on 9 July and not surprisingly, the weather had been very much on the couple's minds for the entire week before their wedding at Nostell Priory.  Thankfully, someone got the weather forecast wrong for West Yorkshire wedding photographers and apart from a shower lasting around five minutes just before Alison's arrival, it was wall to wall sunshine.  We knew that Alison really wanted some photographs inside Nostell Priory but we were very grateful not to be forced inside for most of them!  Our first stop was at Alison's parents' house in Royston where we were made very welcome.  It was a hive of activity with a hair styling production line in full swing.  Alison's gorgeous dress was already laid out on the bed but we decided to photograph it hanging in front of a window in the hallway where the light was soft and where we could show it off at its best.  Alison told us that she really likes the shot we take of the bride's engagement ring in one of the flowers and we knew that her beautiful diamond engagement ring would look fabulous photographed in one of the pink gerberas in her bouquet.  We hope that she loves the photograph!  Alison's parents were professional florists before they retired and her dad really did his daughter proud with the beautiful table decorations in the marquee at Nostell Priory.  They were lovely, with tendrils of plum and gold ribbon running through them.  In fact, this ribbon was a theme throughout the wedding from the bridal bouquet to the details on the tables.  We met Mark at the venue for photographs with the boys before the bridesmaids arrrived not long afterwards.  We'd managed to get the boys' and the girls' photographs before our one and only shower made its appearance but by the time Alison arrived with her parents, the rain had stopped.  Following the civil ceremony and some pictures with the car, we went back inside to get the wedding photographs inside Nostell Priory including photographing the couple on the staircase and some window light portraits in the library.  Leaving the house before members of the public started their tours, we worked through the groups before getting the bridal party all together for some fun pictures, followed by the new Mr and Mrs Turner's photographs together.  As the weather played ball, we got through a lot very quickly, leaving time for a more welcome kind of shower - of confetti - before we left Alison and Mark to chat to their guests whilst we photographed the interior of the marquee.  Having discussed the couple's ideas for their wedding photography in detail before the day, we knew that photographs were a very high priority for them and they were wonderful to work with, telling us that they would give anything we suggested a try and also that they particularly loved our more artistic images.  Time to play then!  We made the most of the soft late afternoon light, spending some time by the lake before heading back to work on the terrace of Nostell Priory with its impressive architecture.  There was still lots of time left for the couple to chat to their guests before they took to the floor for their first dance, soon inviting their guests to join them.  It was still light as we left everyone to enjoy the party.  We love summer weddings with their long daylight hours and we loved sharing Alison and Mark's special day.

If you'd like to leave a message for Mr and Mrs Turner, please use the comments box below - thank you.

Friday, 8 July 2011

Wedding Photography Patshull Hall | Wolverhampton Wedding Photographers | Fiona and Euan

As Yorkshire wedding photographers, we regularly photograph weddings at some great venues but sometimes we are lucky enough to be asked to travel outside our local area to capture the celebrations of lovely couples who are marrying elsewhere.  When you are recommended to a couple and they love your work enough to ask you to travel a considerable distance to photograph their wedding, well that's a huge privilege and this is what happened with Fiona and Euan who married at Patshull Hall in Wolverhampton on 2 July.  There must be plenty of Patshull Hall wedding photographers based much closer to the venue but we were over the moon when Carole and Dan, Fiona and Euan's friends, recommended us and we had been looking forward to this day for a very long time.  Having travelled to Wolverhampton the day before just to be on the safe side, the morning of the wedding we set off early and took a leisurely drive to Patshull Hall estate to take some scene setting shots and some of a very relaxed Euan playing football on the lawn with the guys before we joined Fiona and the girls.  The couple had paid a lot of attention to detail and there were lots of lovely little touches, such as the wooden sign pointing to Euan's and Fi's Wedding, the letters spelling out Mr & Mrs Scott on top of the piano in the ceremony room, the collection of family wedding photographs going back generations with the word Love spelt out on the table in front of them and the roses grown and their petals dried for confetti, a true labour of love - just beautiful!  The day we met up with Fiona and Euan to look around the venue and discuss their photography was one of those days when it bucketed down with rain for the whole day, never letting up once and we had our fingers well and truly crossed that the weather on their wedding day couldn't possibly be as bad.  A text from Fiona the previous day confirmed that the weather forecast was perfect but as wedding photographers all know, bright sunshine isn't always perfect for photographs!  Joining Euan and the boys for their formal shots and the sun was blazing down and this continued throughout the ceremony and the group shot session and then it became just a bit cloudy but still very warm and without a hint of a breeze.  Now that's what we call perfect wedding photography weather!  Following the civil ceremony, confetti and group photos, the bridal party joined us for some action shots which were great fun to capture.  Because is was such a lovely day, everyone enjoyed a champagne and cream scone reception on the lawn, soaking up the gorgeous surroundings of Patshull Hall, whilst we nipped off to photograph the newlyweds.  We knew in advance that Fiona loves arty pictures and creating some of these for our beautiful bride, we were in our element!  Leaving the couple with their guests, we went to photograph the wedding breakfast room which  looked spectacular in its mint green and pink colour scheme.  After the wedding breakfast was over and the speeches were captured, Fiona was keen to join us again for a short time for photographs in a couple of locations we'd scouted previously before Euan came along for some relaxed, informal pictures outside.  The light was now soft and lovely for photographs.  The last things to capture were the hog roast, the guests enjoying the evening sunshine, Fiona and Euan's first dance as husband and wife and the live band before we set off on the long drive home.  An absolutely amazing day with Mr and Mrs Scott and their families and friends and thank you so much for asking us to capture it.  If anyone else is looking for a Patshull Hall wedding photographer, we'd love to go back!

If you were a guest at Fiona and Euan's wedding, please leave them a message - thank you.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Family Portrait Photography West Yorkshire

Beverley's partner Mark called us recently to book a portrait session for Beverley and her thirteen year old daughter Ellie.  Although the ladies admitted to being a bit nervous about their family portrait shoot when they arrived, they soon relaxed and got into the swing of things and they were great to work with.  Almost everyone tells us that they hate having their photograph taken and that they are nervous but we do our very best to make sure that our clients have a good time and that the session is relaxed and fun.  It's so nice to hear them say that they found the experience of having their photographs taken by us a pleasure and when they come back to view the images and tell us that they love them, it's so satisfying.  Beverley loved her images and has ordered a large frame which will have one large and five small photographs in it.  These are really popular with clients who can't narrow their selection down to just one image to be framed.  They are very eyecatching and are great value for money.  We can even show you what yours will look like before we order it so absolutely nothing is left to chance.  Mark had told us that Beverley loves black and white photographs and again, you can view your images as colour, black and white and sepia if you wish.  The funny thing was, after seeing the images in black and white, Beverley chose all colour!

If you would like to book a professional family portrait session, please call us on 01977 730159