Wednesday, 27 July 2011

West Yorkshire Mother and Baby Photography | Adele and Leighton

Our latest young client was Leighton, whose mum, Adele, contacted us to ask about a baby portrait session.  We knew from having a chat with Adele that as Leighton was already crawling he would need to be distracted with toys to keep him in one place for more than a split second or otherwise we'd have to be lightning fast to get some photographs of him!  A combination of both, along with plenty of time, lots of cuddles from mum, a bribe in the shape of a bowl of black grapes which he loves, along with a few rice crackers thrown in did the trick.  He looked really cool in this outfit and when he and Adele had some mother and baby photographs taken together, you could see how devoted Adele is to her son.

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