Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Children's Photography West Yorkshire | Darcy and Dylan

We first photographed Darcy aged around seven months at his home in Wakefield.  It was great to hear from his mum, Louise, after all this time to tell us that Darcy has a little brother, Dylan, who is a year old and that Darcy is now five!  Can't believe how quickly the time has gone but it was so nice that Louise remembered who took her eldest son's baby photographs and that she loved them so much that she wanted her younger son photographed by us too.  This time Louise and hubby, Damian brought Dylan, along with Darcy, to the studio.  She'd told us that Dylan was much more shy than Darcy and wondered how he would perform in front of the camera.  He clung tightly to his dad for a while and we plotted how best to get him onto the background without tears or tantrums.  Getting big brother Darcy involved was the answer and him lying on his tummy in just the right spot along with some encouragement from mum proved a big enough temptation for Dylan who soon jumped on Darcy's back.  It's great fun to rag your big brother, jump on him, cover his eyes up and get away with it.  He thought it was hilarious and had all of us in stitches too!  After some time having photographs together, the boys each had a turn in front of the camera - Darcy really loving it and even suggesting his own ideas for photographs and Dylan - well, not much sign of shyness there!  

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