Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Baby Photographers in Castleford | Alex

We were wedding photographers for Claire and Neil when they married in February 2009 and we first met their gorgeous baby boy, Alex, at Neil's sister, Mellisa's wedding to Gareth in February this year.  Claire mentioned that she'd like us to take some baby photographs of Alex and we'd planned to do this, ideally before he started to crawl.  Claire got in touch to tell us that Alex was just starting to get mobile so we got him booked in before he was up and running!  Babies are best photographed when they are new born and the perfect age is five or six days old.  After this, the next time they are great to photograph is when they are sitting solidly but can't yet crawl.  This way, you can get some fabulous expressions and interaction from them but they can't escape!  Alex was so fantastic to photograph, smiling throughout several wardrobe changes and seemingly forgetting the fact that he could crawl a bit.  He sat there smiling and pointing and enjoying watching his mum and dad acting silly to make him laugh.  A lovely baby and a great set of baby pictures, six of which are going to be displayed together in a multi frame.  We really are lucky in that we often become family photographers to our fantastic clients.

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