Friday, 2 May 2014

Allerton Castle Wedding Photographers - Emily & Andy

It's always a pleasure to be wedding photographers at Allerton Castle and we were really excited when Emily and Andy booked us to photograph their big day at this spectacular Yorkshire wedding venue.  A dream venue it certainly is, but it's also one which requires the skill and experience of a professional Allerton Castle wedding photographer or better still, two photographers, to get the very best from it.  The Great Hall is extremely dark with its oak panelling and the registrars insist on no flash during the ceremony, but Alex got some gorgeous shots, capturing the atmosphere as Emily and Andy exchanged vows and wedding rings by candlelight, with Janet documenting the proceedings from the gallery.

The weather was very similar to that we had when we met up with them for their pre-wedding consultation a few weeks earlier - cold and windy.  However, the memorial garden does offer some shelter and this is where we photographed the family groups before moving on to the couple's photo session before the wedding breakfast.  As the guests were invited to sit for dinner, this was the ideal time to make the most of that iconic staircase which is such a feature of weddings at Allerton Castle.  Emily made a gorgeous, elegant bride in her couture dress and full length veil.

The wedding breakfast room looked beautiful in blue and white and the cake was something pretty special too, kept a secret from Emily and organised and chosen by Andy as a surprise for his bride.  After the speeches, we dashed outside to make the most of the remaining daylight.  The wind had dropped just a little, it wasn't quite as cold and we were able to get a few more couple photographs, including a lovely sequence of images as Emily and Andy walked hand in hand back to the castle.

The evening party started with the couple taking to the floor for their first dance and then everyone partied to a Ceilidh band.  We decided that it was well worth walking through a field full of sheep to set up for some night shots before we left, and Emily was very sensible and switched her stunning but very high heeled shoes for a pair of flats before joining us.

Thank you Mr and Mrs Turner for booking us as your Allerton Castle wedding photographers.  We had an amazing day with you all.  If you were a guest at this lovely wedding, please leave a comment and why not Like us on Facebook?  Thank you very much.

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  1. These are absolutely stunning. Can't wait to see the whole album. It was such a special and happy day and this comes across so beautifully in these pictures.