Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Wedding Photographers Rogerthorpe Manor Hotel | Kirsty and Wayne

Kirsty and Wayne chose Monday, 6 August as their wedding date.  As Rogerthorpe Manor wedding photographers, getting to photograph a wedding there on a Monday as well as on a weekend was really nice and we knew we'd have a great day because Kirsty and Wayne had already told us that they were completely happy to try anything we suggested.

Kirsty got ready at Rogerthorpe Manor and when we arrived she was pretty chilled out and relaxed.  We photographed her beautiful, elegant dress and all her accessories and captured make-up being applied and hair being curled, keeping an eye on the weather and willing it to stop raining, before we went downstairs and met up with Wayne and his best man Scott.  By now, the rain had stopped and it didn't make another appearance all day - perfect!  

The Lawrence Suite was beautifully dressed in Kirsty's choice of a coral pink and a photograph of it was in the can before we went back upstairs, a few minutes before the ceremony, to find Kirsty in her dress and her dad waiting to accompany her downstairs.

A very emotional civil ceremony followed and it was a privilege to share and capture some touching moments as Wayne saw his bride for the first time.  One image sums it up perfectly - Wayne overcome with emotion as he saw how beautiful Kirsty looked, Scott's knowing smile, Kirsty's dad, Nigel trying hard to hold it together and Kirsty smiling at the registrar as she reaches her soon to be husband's side.  Priceless.

With the sun shining and the drinks flowing, we enjoyed a few minutes with the new Mr and Mrs Longley before gathering everyone together for the big group photograph. Rogerthorpe Manor's main lawn is perfect for this and with all the guests assembled together, the confetti throwing came next.

With fantastic co-operation from everyone, we got all the group photographs done quickly, including those which had been earmarked for after the wedding breakfast and we still had time to take a sequence of fun pictures of Kirsty, Wayne, Scott and Kayleigh, have another short photo session with our bride and groom and then go back into the Lawrence Suite to photograph it before the call through for the wedding breakfast.

The speeches were before dinner and Wayne had a huge surprise for Kirsty who was under the impression that there was no honeymoon.  Her face was priceless when she opened an envelope handed to her by Wayne and inside was a sheet of paper with the words "Next stop Florida" on it.  Wayne you impressed us as well as Kirsty!  

We returned to Rogerthorpe Manor after dinner and enjoyed some quiet time with the couple, photographed them together around the grounds and also created some more arty bridal portraits for Kirsty which we hope she will love.  

A caricaturist kept the guests entertained during the lull between the end of the wedding breakfast and the start of the evening party and the last part of our coverage was Kirsty and Wayne's first dance, complete with an exploding balloon.  

We really can't thank you guys enough for choosing us to share such a wonderful day and for being so easy going and a pleasure to work with.  We got some great feedback from you, your guests and your attendants which we very much appreciate and we look forward to seeing you when you get back from your honeymoon in Florida.

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