Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Wedding Photographer Rogerthorpe Manor | Angela and Tony

When Angie and Tony booked us to photograph their wedding we knew that we were going to be part of something very special.  This was to be the couple's second marriage and although there's nothing particularly unusual about that, this was Angie and Tony's second marriage to each other.  Having divorced, the couple realised they had made a huge mistake and wanted to be together and this time Tony really wanted to give Angie the wedding of her dreams, so as Rogerthorpe Manor wedding photographers, we were over the moon to be chosen to share their celebrations at this beautiful venue on such a special day.

The couple have three lovely children, Jade, Arran and Jordan and this wedding was to be the icing on the cake for the family with Arran as best man to his dad and Jade and Jordan bridesmaids for their mum.

As Castleford wedding photographers, we started at the family's home which is only a short distance from us, ahead of Angie who was still at the hairdresser, but Angie's mum had been left in charge and Angie had made sure that all her accessories were left out for us to photograph whilst we waited for her to arrive in time to have make-up photographs before we left for Rogerthorpe Manor.

Tony and the boys arrived in style in a Hummer and we had some fun with them first, taking photographs with the car and around the grounds.  Rogerthorpe Manor's grounds are compact but are immaculately kept and have some lovely areas to use as backgrounds for photographs.

The girls arrived next, closely followed by Angie and her dad who were early which was great because once we'd made sure that everyone was inside, it meant we had time to take some photographs with the car before the start of the civil ceremony in the Lawrence Suite.

With wall to wall sunshine for the second time that weekend and efficient organisation from the bridal party meaning the groups were done quickly, there was time left to photograph Angie and Tony together and have a lot of fun with the bridal party who were such a good laugh.  The couple had said that they were up for a giggle and they certainly didn't disappoint.

The Lawrence Suite looked beautiful dressed in baby blue and after capturing all the details which Angie had gone to so much trouble to organise, we left everyone to enjoy the wedding breakfast, returning later to photograph the speeches including Tony's which was very emotional and during which he told his and Angie's story.  There was a lot of laughter as well as a few tears.

After dinner the guests enjoyed the Class Laser Clay pigeon shooting set up in the car park before Angie and Tony took to the dance floor.  We'd been let into a secret that theirs would start off as a romantic slow dance, breaking into a fast routine in which their children joined them, making this very much a family dance much to the delight of everyone, including us.  

Thank you Mr and Mrs Blears for allowing us to capture your very special day and for being such great fun to be around.  We wish you all the happiness in the world!

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  1. Lovely memories of a wonderful day, Thank you both for your contribution in making it so special. (Alex even went on a shopping trip in the evening to keep people supplied with their various wants!)