Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Susan and Joan's wedding blessing and their sons' christening at St Cuthbert's church, Ackworth and Rogerthorpe Manor - 19 July 2009

Today we had the pleasure of being the photographers for Susan and Joan's celebrations. This was a very special day for the family, as Susan and Joan who live in Dubai and married there in February last year, had a blessing of their marriage at St Cuthbert's church in Ackworth, followed by the christening of their two baby sons, Sebastian James and Lucas Mateo. Susan looked stunning, it has to be said! The ceremony was conducted by the lovely, friendly Jenny, who allowed us to photograph everything that was happening to capture some beautiful and priceless memories, not only for the couple, but for their sons to enjoy in the future as they grow up. After the ceremony, it was off to Rogerthorpe Manor in Badsworth. After dinner, Joan told everyone how the couple met in a fabulous speech which was both hilarious and extremely moving. The couple's devotion to each other and to their sons is obvious, and we hope that we managed to capture some of this passion in their photographs. Joan has now returned to Dubai but we look forward to seeing him and Susan again very soon when he returns to join his family who are staying with Susan's parents in Ackworth. A sincere thank you to you for allowing us the privilege of sharing your very special day.


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  2. "Alex and Janet really managed to capture the happiness and importance of our day through the lens, professional from start to finish, making us feel relaxed and at ease, while producing some amazing and utterly unique images, first class photographers... Thank you so much."
    Susan and Joan Joseph - 19 July 2009