Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Woolley Hall Wedding Photographers

Nicola and Darren's wedding at Woolley Hall, Wakefield on 17 October 2009

The lovely autumn sunshine continued for the wedding of Nicola and Darren at the beautiful setting of Woolley Hall. We arrived at the couple's house for Nicola's preparations and we knew from what Nicola had told us that her dress was going to be something very special and it certainly was - a stunning Spanish design with an amazing ruffled skirt. On arrival at Woolley Hall with it's frontage covered in spectacular red foliage, we were greeted by a chimney sweep who had been hired by Nicola's sister, Diane, as a surprise for the couple. We spent some time with Darren, his sons Joshua and Cameron and best man, Stuart (who was so helpful to us and kept everything running smoothly - thank you Stuart), taking some relaxed photographs around the grounds before Nicola arrived by horse drawn carriage accompanied by her friend Suzanne, son Tom and daughter Eli, whose privilege it was to give her mum away. The ceremony was full of emotion because Nicola and Darren had been teenage sweethearts who then went their separate ways only to be reunited years later and there were lots of jokes that it had taken them twenty-five years to tie the knot! The brief for the day was for only a few group photographs and the rest to be informal and fun but Darren did admit that he had really enjoyed the relaxed posing! With the after dinner speeches covered and the daylight gone, we finished the photographs inside Woolley Hall with our lovely couple on the staircase. The first dance to "Reunited" was very romantic and very appropriate. Thank you Nicola and Darren for letting us share this very special day with you. We were delighted to be your wedding photographers and we wish you a fantastic honeymoon in Mexico!

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