Saturday, 14 November 2009

Baby Photographer in West Yorkshire


Emma and Chris married almost a year ago and we were the photographers for their big day. Today we welcomed them to our studio with their beautiful five week old baby son, Alfie. Now Alfie has the most amazing eyes! He is the image of his proud dad. The session took quite a while because Alfie didn't think much to being photographed, voiced his opinion very loudly, then decided that a supper break was what he really needed! Mum Emma duly obliged and everyone else enjoyed a coffee break while Alfie enjoyed a leisurely supper! Patience is essential when photographing babies and it certainly paid off here, as we are rewarded with some gorgeous images later on when Alfie decided he'd had enough of crying, relaxed in his dad's outstretched arms (we know they were aching Chris!) and just stared straight into the camera with those gorgeous eyes.

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