Thursday, 27 May 2010

Fashion Photographer in West Yorkshire

Engagement portrait session with Rachel and Scott

It was such a pleasure to welcome Rachel and Scott to our studio recently for their engagement session.  We are the wedding photographers for this lovely couple when they marry next month at Hollins Hall in Baildon, Shipley and we are so excited about sharing their special day because they are such a pleasure to be around.

Rachel and Scott had no particular preferences with regard to their engagement sesssion.  They didn't mind what we did so we had a lot of fun with them trying out different ideas and styles.  We like this stunning black and white image.

We recently took delivery of a fabulous red contemporary chair and we used this to give a modern, fashion feel to some of the couple's images. 

These are just two of the amazing photographs we took during the session and we can't wait to show Rachel and Scott the rest of them.  A very enjoyable session, an amazing couple and some really great photographs!

We can't wait for your wedding day because know we'll have an absolute blast! 

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  1. these are some really great photos. You guys are great photographer, Im reading through to get some tips! Nice blog