Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Portrait photographer Castleford

Amy and Lucas

As professional children's portrait photographers in Castleford, it was our pleasure to welcome cousins, Amy and Lucas, along with Amy's step-mum Nicky and Lucas's mum Emma to the studio.  We know Nicky well, having met her when she was the make-up artist for Nathalie, one of our brides, and we have also worked together in the studio.  Nicky is a very talented and creative make-up artist. 

Nicky called us to ask if we fancied the challenge of photographing a two year old girl and a one year old boy together, as a gift for the children's grandma.  Now, how do you get two children these ages to stay in one place long enough to be photographed together?  We managed it pretty well with the help of Nicky and Emma.  Nicky did admit she was exhausted at the end of the session though!

Two delightful children and some great images!

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