Sunday, 12 September 2010

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Wedding photography at St Luke's church, Sharlston and the New Wheatsheaf, Whitwood for Natalie and Chris on 4 September 2010

Natalie and Chris's wedding day was one of perfect weather and understated elegance.  It was a privilege to be asked to capture their celebrations, not least of all because Natalie's dad, Dave, was a wedding photographer in Wales in another life and we knew how much of a compliment it was for him to trust us with photographing his beautiful daughter's wedding.

Our first stop was at Dave and Jude, Natalie's mum and dad's house where we got to work on photographing Natalie's lovely, elegant wedding gown and her accessories, including something else Chris didn't know about - a pair of striking red satin shoes.  Natalie made us laugh because she said that she had been trying to wear the shoes in a bit to make them more comfortable before the wedding but because Chris didn't know about them, she kept sending him out whilst she wore them around the house, including while she did the ironing!  Natalie was determined to be ready before we left so that she could have photographs with her mum and dad and also with one other member of the family - Cari!

Leaving Natalie to her finishing touches, we met up with the boys at the church to capture their pictures before the ceremony.  As Wakefield wedding photographers, we have worked at St Luke's church before and it was nice to be back. 

With permission from the vicar to photograph the ceremony from the front and the back, we got some brilliant images as the couple exchanged vows.  Natalie's expression throughout the ceremony was one of pure joy and just beautiful to watch and to capture. 

To give the couple more variety in their images, we had arranged for them to join us at Queen's Park in Castleford for their pictures together after the ceremony.

After spending some time getting some relaxed photographs of Natalie and Chris together, we headed off for the New Wheatsheaf and shots of the red London bus which had transported the guests from the church.

With confetti throwing and group shots taken care of, it was time for some laughter with the bridal party.

A beautiful, elegant bride and those wicked red shoes...

Dave had already briefed us to watch out for Jude's expressions when he started his speech, as he had two versions of it - one which they had worked on together and which Jude had vetted - and another one...  The plan was that he would tear up the original and read from the second one.  Jude's face was a picture!

After a delicious meal which the family very generously invited us to, it was outside for a few minutes to make the most of the last of the late summer daylight before Natalie and Chris were asked to take to the floor for their first dance.

Our sincere congratulations to the new Mr and Mrs Hughes and our thanks to Dave and Jude for allowing us to capture this very special day.  It was wonderful to join you all and we've really enjoyed getting to know you during the run up to the wedding.

If you are a member of Natalie or Chris's family or one of their friends, please leave a comment.

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  1. After looking through the blog photo's can't wait to see them all now!!!
    Nat will love the one of her and Cari - they will be back on Thursday.
    As for the one of me!!!! What a picture!!!!
    Dave say's it's a cracker, so thanks for that!!!!
    Overall lovely pictures and looking forward to coming over with Nat and Chris to see the rest.xx Jude xx