Friday, 4 February 2011

Make-over photography West Yorkshire

Portrait photo shoot for Louise

Louise approached us recently to ask if she could come into the studio for a portrait session so that she could present the photographs as a surprise gift to her partner.  The arrangements had to be kept a secret from Carl and today Louise came in to choose which images she wanted printing.  Perfect timing because today is Carl's birthday, but as he is back in Colorado, Louise plans to email her favourite picture from the session over to him.  We are very lucky to have a fantastic professional make-up artist who comes in for our clients whenever they want a make-over and as professional make-up makes such a difference in ladies' portraiture, not to mention how lovely it feels to be pampered, we asked Louise if this was something she was interested in.  She jumped at the chance to have Nicky make her over before the photo session.  Nicky created two different "looks" - the first an understated make-up for daytime and the second, a more glamourous make-up with brighter lips and smokey eyes.  Louise, who says she hates pictures of herself, was over the moon with them, choosing nine different images to be printed.  She was a pleasure to work with and this image is the one which will be winging its way to America.  Happy birthday Carl!

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  1. I was really nervous when travelling for the photo-shoot. However, I need not have worried, as Alex, Janet and Nikki made me feel totally at ease.I was really impressed and happy with Nikki's make-over and pampered me 110%!!!
    Alex and Janet helped to put me at ease and I began to lose those nerves and relaxed and enjoyed the whole experience.I'm so happy with the results of the photo-shoot and would highly, highly recommend Alex , Janet and Nikki for any occasion...Infact..I'm planning another day with my daughter and this space!!! :) Louise