Monday, 18 April 2011

Family Portrait Photography West Yorkshire - Kim, Grant, Olivia and Rosie

As family portrait photographers in West Yorkshire, we were very happy to see Kim and Grant and their daughters, Olivia and Rosie, when they came to have some photographs taken together.  They all looked great in jeans and t shirts - perfect for the relaxed and informal photography style they wanted - and we loved the girls' tops with their summery yellow bows.  We had loads of fun capturing the family, although it was a challenge keeping Rosie in one place for very long, as there were much more interesting things to be getting on with, like playing with her favourite Noah's Ark toy and all the animals.  Kim and Grant also wanted some children's photographs of the girls together.  Olivia, being older, was easy to work with but we had to find a way of keeping Rosie with her big sister for more than a nano second - something she wasn't too keen on!  We suggested a bit of dancing might work and Olivia and Rosie were definitely up for that.  Making children's photography a game and a lot of fun makes for great pictures and Olivia and Rosie were stars!  A fantastic family and a fun photo shoot

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