Monday, 6 February 2012

Baby Photography West Yorkshire | Holly's Newborn Photographs

When Holly's mum was expecting her, we'd chatted about a newborn photo session to be done when her baby was just a few days old.  However, as professional baby photographers in Castleford we are well aware that babies don't always arrive when they're expected and a couple of weeks either side of their due date is not uncommon. Holly decided that she'd arrive early.  A whole nine weeks early!  This meant that the planned new baby photographs had to be abandoned until she was out of hospital and big enough.  In fact, the day she came in for her baby portraits was pretty much the date she was due to be born.  

This is beautiful, tiny, perfect Holly at two months old and as there is a strong trend at the moment for all things vintage, we thought we'd try a vintage style finish on our favourite image.

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