Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Family Photography West Yorkshire - Katie, Andrew and Georgie

As professional family photographers in West Yorkshire, we often photograph parents with their children in our Castleford portrait studio.  Georgie is a year old, so we expected this family portrait session to be a lot of fun and very lively, which it certainly was once cute Georgie got over her shyness.

When Katie, Andrew and Georgie arrived, Georgie played shy and cuddled up to mum, refusing to let go.  Because we don't set rigid times for our portrait sessions and because we accept no more than two a day, we could relax and wait until Georgie came out of her shell.  This definitely paid off because we got lots of fabulous images, not only children's portraits of Georgie on her own but family photographs of all three together which was important to Katie as she said that she is never in photographs as she's always the one taking them.  

To book a Castleford children's portrait or a family photo session, please call Janet on 01977 731059.  A session in our studio costs just £35.

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