Thursday, 5 July 2012

Wood Hall, Wetherby Wedding Photography | Nikki and Sean's Wedding

It was our pleasure to be Wood Hall wedding photographers for Nikki and Sean on the last day of June when you'd think that you would have a decent chance of wall to wall sunshine.  However, it continued with the mixed bag of weather we've been having a lot of lately and again, shower dodging was the order of the day, just as it was when we met the couple at Bolton Abbey for their engagement shoot.  Sometimes we get lucky and the rain comes when it doesn't matter.  This time, it decided to throw it down right at the end of the civil ceremony!

We travelled to Nikki and Sean's home in Baildon first to photograph Nikki having hair and make-up done and also to take photographs of her gorgeous vintage style lace dress which was hanging in the couple's bedroom.  The light in the room couldn't have been more perfect.  

We left for Wood Hall Hotel and the although it was very windy, the rain managed to stay away right though the boys' photographs and for Nikki's arrival with her dad, Richard.  So far, so good.  

A lovely civil ceremony followed and a quick check outside as the couple were about to exit confirmed it was raining.  As it looked like it might blow over, we decided to wait it out whilst the guests enjoyed champagne and sure enough, the sun came out a short time later, allowing us to get outside and photograph everyone together, followed by a shower of rose petal confetti.  Because of the wind, we chose a more sheltered area for the smaller group photographs as the rain clouds loomed large again and we just managed to finish them when the heavens opened and everyone dashed for cover.

As Wood Hall does offer a degree of shelter at the entrance, we used this area for some photographs of Nikki and Sean before checking to see if the Vavasour suite was set up for the wedding breakfast.  It really did look spectacular and Nikki, having a keen eye for detail, had done an amazing job, including a sweetie table and framed family wedding photographs on display around the room.

After dinner, we headed outside again and the rain had stopped - briefly.  We got some fun pictures with the girls and had just got the bridal party on the grass for some more and it started again.  A big tree offered some shelter for Nikki and Sean and the bridesmaids deserve a huge thank you for helping keep them dry whilst we were working and for not caring too much about getting wet themselves.

Back inside to photograph the casino and vodka luge and check timings for the first dance with the band and a very enthusiastic and excited bridesmaid came rushing in to tell us about the spectacular rainbow which had appeared.  We had to move fast as these things tend to disappear very quickly.  A sunshine and rain mix sometimes has its advantages and wow, what a bonus to be able to capture Nikki and Sean with a whole rainbow behind them!

With the first dance routine covered, as well as the antics around the vodka luge, the last important thing that Nikki wanted us to capture was the sparklers.  As Wood Hall don't allow fireworks, this was the next best thing for Nikki.  It's a challenge lighting eight sparklers at once but it was such a laugh getting these images.

Mr and Mrs Murphy, your wedding was amazing, even if the weather kept us on our toes. Thank you for allowing us to share it with you.

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