Thursday, 6 September 2012

Wedding Photographer Holdsworth House | Jodie and Paul

Jodie and Paul booked us as their Holdsworth House wedding photographers a long time in advance as their date, the last Saturday in August, is one of the most popular dates for weddings.

The course of their wedding planning has been far from smooth but we were determined that they would have a great day and get great photographs.  However, the weather decided to let us down and although we've had loads of rain anyway this summer, it was pretty challenging to say the least.  

We arrived at the couple's home a few minutes before Jodie came back from the hairdresser.  Her mum was delivering the dress later on so we spent the time photographing accessories and flowers and captured Jodie applying her make-up whilst we waited.  Her Hollywood Dreams gown was spectacular.

We met up with Paul at St James's Church in Baildon and it turned out that Paul was the lucky one as he got one of the few very short dry weather slots of the day.  This was our first visit to this church which is known locally as the Little White Church, Baildon. It has an interesting history, having been built in 1892 in Great Warley by Reverend Bailey who, at his own expense, arranged for it to be moved to Baildon for his retirement.  Sadly, he died before it was erected in 1905.  Due to deterioration of the wood it's built from, the only way money could be raised for its restoration was if some of the land it stood on was sold for housing and this meant it had to be moved to a corner of its original garden. A very pretty church which the couple loved as soon as they saw it.  It was disappointing that photographs were strictly limited by the vicar to a handful from the back only but at least this was better than none at all.

Following the ceremony we had only a few minutes for photographs outside the church before the heavens opened and during the drive to Holdsworth House the weather was atrocious.  Sometimes though you do get a welcome break and the sun came out as we arrived for just long enough to get the group photographs done outside.

An covered walkway with columns near the Stuart Room offered a degree of shelter for some photographs of Jodie and Paul together and it also allowed us to get some lovely bridal portraits.  With generous timings and the weather limiting what we could do outside, we decided to photograph the room a little earlier than planned whilst the couple spent some time with their guests.

The colour scheme of pink and silver was just beautiful and the Stuart Room looked fabulous.  We were treated to a delicious meal whilst everyone enjoyed the wedding breakfast and we thank Jodie and Paul very much for this.  We captured the speeches which were really funny, especially Paul's brother's speech including his tale of a mishap involving a bread delivery van.  Then we checked the weather again.  It was raining.  As there was a quite a long time until the evening party we waited it out in the hope it would stop.  It didn't.

We always carry several umbrellas with us to weddings so we suggested that Jodie and Paul use one of them and go outside anyway so that we could feature the beautiful grounds of Holdsworth House in some more photographs for them.

Paul approached us later and mentioned that Jodie really loves Holdsworth House in the evening when it's getting dark and when the LED lights on the trees are lit.  Would we take a photograph for her please?  So after the new Mr and Mrs Crowther had cut the cake and danced their first dance as husband and wife, we got very wet in order to get Paul the photograph he wanted for Jodie.  We're pretty happy with the result and it was well worth getting soggy feet for.  Hope Jodie likes it.

Congratulations to Jodie and Paul and it will be further congratulations very soon when they welcome Baby Crowther.  We look forward to seeing you and to meeting your new arrival.

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