Thursday, 9 May 2013

Commercial Photographer West Yorkshire | Rogerthorpe Manor Team Photographs

As recommended photographers for Rogerthorpe Manor, we regularly work at this lovely venue, not only as wedding photographers but also whenever our friend Richard, the managing director, needs a West Yorkshire commercial photographer, or in this case, an update to his management team photographs.

We photographed the team a couple of years ago and since then certain members have moved on and others have joined.  Richard asked us to come in and capture some updated images of the new team and as well as taking similar shots to those we took last time, we discussed ideas for something different to reflect a more informal, friendly and approachable style, which is what his team are all about.

Unlike last time when it threw it down and we had to work very quickly to avoid everyone getting soaked, the weather was a lot more pleasant, enabling us to get the outside shots without problems before moving into the conservatory, where Roger the Hotel Goldfish, a much valued and important member of the team now joined the group, having decided to give the walking shots outside a miss!

Alex took a sequence of photographs as everyone in the team enjoyed coffee and chatted together, all the time keeping an eye out for Roger as he swam around his bowl!

After everyone else had returned to work, Richard had a couple of photographs taken on his own before we were left with Danny, Rogerthorpe Manor's Master of Ceremonies. A few standard shots later and we hit on a slightly different take on a photograph of the welcoming MC in his red tailcoat outside the entrance at Rogerthorpe Manor.  

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