Thursday, 3 October 2013

Wedding Photographer Burntwood Court Hotel | Stacy and Carl

It's been a while since we were Burntwood Court Hotel wedding photographers and it was nice to return there for Stacy and Carl's wedding reception.  The forecast was for a warm day with some sunshine. As it turned out, this was not exactly accurate and we did have a shower of rain en route from church to reception venue and it was cloudy and pretty chilly.  However, we were in luck and the rain stayed away when it mattered. 

With an 11 am wedding ceremony, the day started early at Stacy's mum and dad's house, where we were made very welcome.  We didn't have far to travel to meet Carl as it's just a few minutes drive from the church in Ryhill.  When we arrived, make-up was in full swing in the kitchen and Stacy's beautiful dress and bling was upstairs in a bedroom, including a stunning pair of shoes which were very, very high!  

When we arrived at the church, we had a chat with the vicar and what a lovely man he is. The conversation went something along the lines of this being a very important event for the couple and you can take as many photographs as you like from the front and from the back.  Because there are two of us, this is perfect and just what we love to hear.  We sincerely wish all clergy were as accommodating as him!

Stacy arrived with her dad, a few minutes early, enabling us to get those all important shots in the car and at the church door before the ceremony got underway.  The church interior is beautiful, we got some great images and after the formalities were over, the couple were showered with confetti and presented with champagne before everyone left for Burntwood Court Hotel. A shower of an unwelcome kind appeared as we travelled to the venue and that made us complain a bit but thankfully it came to nothing and there was no need for umbrellas as we waited outside for Stacy and Carl's car to arrive and the bus full of guests.

We cracked on with the group photos and got them done more quickly than we thought, mainly due to the assistance of Luke, Carl's brother and best man, and the ushers, who did a great job of getting people together for us.  Having help like this really does speed things up a lot and frees up precious time for other things.  We enjoyed a short photo session with Stacy and Carl before leaving them to catch up with their guests and have a drink whilst we photographed the room and details.  

The couple had opted for before dinner speeches and although you could say that this is against the tradition of having them after the wedding breakfast, we do think that if anyone is nervous, it's a great way of getting them out of the way so that the speech givers can then enjoy themselves and relax.  It has to be said that Luke, being Carl's brother, had lots of "material" to use in his speech and he was hilarious, although we suspect that Carl was groaning at being forced to re-live some of the memories that Luke had decided he needed to share with everybody!

After spending a few minutes with Stacy and Carl outside, we had some fun with two of the flower girls and got some cute pictures of them.  Little ones can make for some great images!

We knew that Carl wasn't overly enthusiastic about the first dance and having all eyes on him, but he did oblige and dance with his bride for long enough to allow us to capture some nice images for their album, before Stacy let him go and her dad took over for a father and daughter dance.

Thank you Mr and Mrs Robinson for choosing us to be your Wakefield wedding photographers.  If you were a guest at their wedding, please leave a comment, if you like our work, please Like us on Facebook and if you are looking for beautiful, creative wedding photography, please contact us. 

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