Wednesday, 19 February 2014

King's Croft Wedding Photographers | Karen and Shane's Wedding Photography

As Castleford wedding photographers, we very rarely photograph weddings in our home town, due to the lack of venues, the closest being in Pontefract.  However, Karen and Shane live in Castleford and chose All Saints' Church in which to tie the knot on a Thursday in February, the first wedding of our 2014 season.  You might think that their date was an unusual choice but it was very significant and special to them, being ten years to the day since the couple had first met.  Karen was bright and bubbly when we arrived at the couple's home and we had a very enjoyable time capturing all the little details which are so important to the bride, before we headed off to the church to meet Shane and his best man. After the dreadful weather the day before, the fact that it wasn't raining was a huge relief, even though it was very windy and bitterly cold.  Karen arrived right on time looking stunning and despite the cold, she never stopped smiling.  An accommodating and friendly vicar made us smile too, enabling us to get some great shots both from the front and the back of the church.  Following the ceremony, it made sense to get the smaller group photographs taken in the church to try and limit the time everyone had to spend outside. This went so quickly and smoothly thanks to good co-operation and a great best man, Mike, who really took his role seriously and was an enormous help.  There are certain photographs that have to be taken outside though and we did manage to persuade everyone to get together on the path for the confetti throwing before we left for the reception.  As King's Croft wedding photographers, we know that the best location for a big group photo is on the lawn with Alex hanging out of the bridal suite window, but as this was a small wedding and because the grass was absolutely saturated from the previous day's rain, we decided to keep everyone on the tarmac to prevent muddy shoes and wet feet!  Karen and Shane were absolute stars and it was fantastic to get off to a flying start with this year's weddings, working with a couple who are so lovely and friendly and who were more than willing to do whatever we asked of them.  After speeches and a hog roast buffet, they joined us outside again for some twilight shots.  It was absolutely freezing by this time but we hope very much that Karen and Shane think that the results were well worth getting cold for!  We did let them thaw out in the bridal suite afterwards!  Our sincere congratulations guys and a huge thank you to both of you for being such a joy to spend time with!  We look forward to designing a beautiful storybook for you soon.  Our grateful thanks also to Karen's sister, Steph, who recommended us.

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  1. Anne and Neil guests at Karen and Shane's Wedding19 February 2014 at 07:59

    Absolutely stunning photographs. Can't wait to see more.