Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Engagement Photographer West Yorkshire | Katy and Chris's Pre-Wedding Shoot

As West Yorkshire wedding photographers, we're often asked by our couples if we provide a pre-wedding photo shoot service.  We are certainly happy to offer this to our wedding clients as it's great fun, it allows them to get used to being professionally photographed in a relaxed environment and it lets us see how they interact with each other. It also gives them an opportunity to choose their favourite image to be framed.     

Couples often choose their wedding or reception venue for their Yorkshire engagement photography session or a location such as a park or other beauty spot which has some special meaning to them.  The only drawback to location shoots can be the weather and this is where studio portrait sessions can be great.  It doesn't matter what the weather's doing and in Katy and Chris's case, the style of photographs we had in mind for them had to be taken in the studio.  

Katy and Chris will be Mr & Mrs Smith when they marry at the beginning of May, and this gave us an idea for their engagement shoot.  The idea went down very well and they delighted us with their enthusiasm and the amount of time and effort they put into preparing for their session and buying the appropriate clothing and props.  Setting up the studio took some time too and during the shoot, we spent a long time getting the posing and expressions right and paying attention to detail.   

The couple have chosen an image to go with a signature mount that their guests will write messages on at the wedding reception.  For now the image is a secret but we promised them that we would share some of their other favourites from the shoot.  Thank you Katy and Chris for being such brilliant sports and for being such a pleasure to work with.  We are very excited about working with you again as we know how important your photographs are to you.  We look forward so much to sharing your wedding day!    

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