Monday, 6 October 2014

Wedding Photographer West Yorkshire - Adele and Sean

It's only occasionally that we work as New Wheatsheaf wedding photographers, even though this venue is local to us as wedding photographers in Castleford, but this was our second visit this year, this time for Adele and Sean, a lovely couple who we've spent quite a lot of time with over their months of planning, including an environmental portrait session for the couple, in our local park, and a studio portrait of Adele's parents' much loved pooches, Louis and Oscar, as a surprise Christmas present for mum.  This was very much a cloak and dagger operation and involved smuggling the boys into the studio for the session, the family escaping one evening to preview the images on the pretence of going somewhere else, and then again to collect their framed photograph, before smuggling it home and hiding it from Adele's mum.  At Christmas Adele sent us a picture of the photograph hanging on her parents' living room wall and told us that her mum was absolutely delighted with it.  

So back to Adele and Sean's big day which started at her parents' house in Knottingley, where dad was left holding the fort whilst the girls were out being pampered.  Adele had chosen a beautiful full skirted princess dress and this made a lovely backdrop for the important girlie stuff.  One of the things on Adele's list to be photographed was her grandma's ring, which was her something borrowed, and rather than just photograph it sitting in its box, we came up with something a bit more artistic, to connect this very special piece of jewellery to the wedding.

We met Sean and his boys at St Botolph's church in Knottingley.  This church has great meaning to Adele's family and because of this, the couple wanted to get married there.  As professional wedding photographers in West Yorkshire we are really lucky to get to work alongside some great vicars, priests and registrars who have no objection to us photographing the wedding ceremony.  Sadly, this time the vicar refused to allow photography during the service despite the couple wanting us to document it.  Although we were banned from taking professional photographs, we are always respectful of the rules of the person conducting the ceremony, irrespective of whether we feel that their rules are reasonable or otherwise.

After the ceremony, a peak outside confirmed that it was drizzling.  The vicar agreed that we could take the group photographs inside which was a relief, but we had to work to a strict time limit to complete them.  We just managed it, leaving only the big group shot and bridal party to photograph when we arrived at the New Wheatsheaf, and we were hopeful of a break in the weather.

The rain hadn't stopped completely when we arrived but that didn't prevent all of Adele and Sean's guests gathering together outside the venue for the group photo that the couple really wanted.  We decided to wait it out until after the wedding breakfast for the bridal party fun photos and Adele and Sean's portrait session in the hope that the weather would be better and the grass wouldn't be quite as wet, and we went inside to photograph the room and some pretty table details before everyone sat for dinner.

After the speeches, it had dried up a bit enabling us to get out with the bridal party and have some fun with them before taking the new Mr and Mrs Ewart under the trees on the grassed area for some photographs together.  Adele and Sean returned to their guests, danced their first dance together, and a very emotional dad then took over for a dance with his equally emotional daughter.  It's wonderful to be able to capture moments like this.  

Thank you guys for choosing us to be your West Yorkshire wedding photographers.  It was such a pleasure to spend the day with you.  Thank you Sean for mentioning us in your speech, and thank you Robert, Adele's dad, who has been singing our praises since our very first first meeting.  We really appreciate your kindness.

To book us for your West Yorkshire wedding photography, we'd love to hear from you so please call us on 01977 730159 to check our availability on your wedding date, and we'd be delighted if you would follow us on Facebook.  Thank you.    

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