Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Wedding Photographer Monk Fryston Hall Hotel | Joanne and Robert

Joanne and Robert chose us as their Monk Fryston Hall Hotel wedding photographers where we are recommended suppliers.  The beautiful cherry tree in the grounds of this gorgeous venue was in full bloom and as the pink blossom only lasts a few days before it is battered by the wind, it was so nice to be able to use it as a lovely backdrop for some of the couple's photographs before it was gone for another year. 

We had been looking forward to Joanne and Robert's wedding photography at Selby Abbey. You can't help but be wowed by this stunning building but there is always the question of whether you will be allowed to take photographs during the ceremony.  As it turned out we had a wonderful vicar and he had no problem with Alex capturing images from the front and Janet taking in the splendour of the abbey from the back, giving two views as the couple tied the knot and became Mr and Mrs Gale.

Confetti at the abbey gate was on our agenda but as most of the guests had left it behind at Monk Fryston Hall we made a change of plan to do these photographs straight after the big group shot of everyone.  Joanne's dad disappeared into the hotel to find his weapon of choice, a couple of confetti canons which were very loud but produced an impressive show of brightly colour paper and some great images.

When we arrived to photograph Joanne's dress, shoes, flowers and jewellery, she let us into a secret that she and Robert had hired a singing waiter.  He was introduced to the wedding guests as a new member of the Monk Fryston Hall staff and no one else had a clue who he was until he stole a lady's hat and burst into song.  He was fantastic, encouraging the delighted guests to sing along, dance, wave their napkins and then form a conga around the hotel.

Once the speeches were over we headed outside to enjoy the softer early evening light and spend some time taking some bride and groom portraits, making the most of the picturesque backdrops the venue has to offer.  Afterwards, the singing waiter entertained the guests again and the couple danced their first dance together as husband and wife

Congratulations Joanne and Robert and thank you for booking us to capture your special day.

If you were a guest at this wedding you are more than welcome to leave a message. Please share the images with your family and friends with the logo on them and if you are interested in booking us as your Monk Fryston Hall or Selby Abbey wedding photographers, we would love to hear from you.  Call us now on 01977 730159.

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