Thursday, 20 July 2017

Wedding Photography at Rogerthorpe Manor | Laura-Jo and Scott's Wedding

Laura and Scott are a genuinely lovely couple who we hit it off with as soon as we met them to discuss their wedding photography at Rogerthorpe Manor.  As if this day wasn't a big enough celebration anyway, being Laura's 30th birthday as well as her wedding day, we were buzzing with excitement because she had asked us how we felt about photographing a horse at their wedding.  Ebony had been on long term loan to Laura but Scott had a surprise announcement to make during his emotional speech, that he had bought Ebony as a wedding gift and that she would be arriving after the meal.  This created a lot of excitement amongst the guests and the venue staff, including our friend, Karen, one of the wedding co-ordinators, who was giddy about the prospect of some unique photographs of a beautiful bride on her horse.  And what about the weather, which has a nasty habit of scuppering the best laid plans?  No pressure then!  Sometimes you get lucky and we struck gold with a glorious day at the time of year when it's not dark until around 10pm. After the civil ceremony in the Cawthorne Suite, everyone enjoyed refreshments in the grounds whilst we cracked on with the formal group shots.  There was time before the wedding breakfast for a handful of couple photos and as there was no one around in the 1610 bar, which has gorgeous lighting, we set up for some romantic portraits in there before everyone sat for dinner.  There were some lovely details to photograph and after struggling to finalise a colour scheme, the couple decided on mainly yellow, mixed with other vibrant colours, and the Cawthorne Suite looked fabulous.  The arrangement was for Ebony to be brought to Rogerthorpe Manor in her horse box at 7pm, and everything ran like clockwork. Laura's friends had worked incredibly hard to get Ebony wedding ready and bring her to the venue, and this beautiful girl behaved impeccably.  After all the excitement and working with a huge audience, we slowed things down with a relaxed couple portrait session and then some twilight photos after the first dance. Mr and Mrs Vickers, you are wonderful and kind and you were such a pleasure to work with. People like you guys are the reason why we love our job so much.  Laura, you looked absolutely radiant, and Scott, you scrubbed up well too!  What a spectacular wedding album you're going to have! Congratulations on your marriage, Laura's birthday and on finally being able to call Ebony your own.  

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