Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Baby Photographers in Castleford


As professional Castleford baby photographers, it's always a pleasure to welcome our youngest clients to the studio and our recent baby photography session was no exception as we met beautiful Mia and her proud parents, Terrie and Dean.  At five weeks' old, Mia was well past the new baby photographs stage.  Mum Terrie said she'd always wanted a photograph of baby Mia lying on dad, Dean's outstretched arm.  Reasonably easy to achieve with a new baby when they're asleep and floppy but it proved a bit more difficult this time as Mia stayed awake throughout that part of the session and refused to turn her face towards the camera except for a split second!  We look forward to welcoming her back when she's sitting and she's bringing along her big sister next time so that they can be photographed together.


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