Friday, 10 December 2010

Wedding Photography Wentbridge House Hotel

Wedding photography Bradford and Wentbridge House Hotel - Chloe and Sam - 4 December 2010
When Chloe and Sam booked us as their wedding photographers, they expected that being a December wedding, it was likely to be cold.  What they didn't expect was the thick snow which descended on the country at the end of November - much earlier than we usually get it!  So Chloe's dad, Bryan, had the unenviable task of clearing the snow outside the church to make it easier for the wedding cars to get access.  We arrived at Bryan and Janet, Chloe's mum and dad's house to a hive of activity as the girls got hair and make-up done.  Leaving the hussle and bussle for the quiet haven of Bryan and Janet's bedroom for a while, we set to work on photographs of Chloe's beautiful princess dress, her shoes, perfume, jewellery, flowers and wellies!  A text message from Chloe the evening before the wedding day confirmed that she was well and truly prepared and something as trivial as eight inches of snow wasn't going to stop her getting the photographs she wanted.  Leaving the ladies, we met Sam and the boys at the church.  The colour scheme the couple had chosen, along with the snow, the holly tree in the church grounds and a nativity scene inside all added to the festive theme of this winter wedding.  A quick chat with the kindly vicar and permission to photograph the wedding ceremony from both the front and the back of the church was granted.  The arrival of a Hummer full of bridesmaids in wellies caused a lot of laughter and shortly afterwards, Chloe arrived with her proud dad.  This is the first time we've seen a change of footwear in the church doorway - from bridal wellies to bridal shoes!  Following the ceremony, the family groups were taken care of inside the church before Chloe and Sam headed out to be showered with confetti.  At this point, it started raining and it was still raining when everyone arrived at Wentbridge House.  As professional wedding photographers in West Yorkshire, the weather is something we have to take in our stride but eight inches of snow and freezing rain is something of a challenge.  However, Chloe was an absolute star - pulling on her wellies in the car and stepping out with a big smile ready to take on anything!  She was so delighted to see the stunning snowy landscape of the gardens at Wentbridge House Hotel and she was adamant that no matter what, she and Sam were having their photographs taken in the snow.  She only shouted at Sam a couple of times for not holding the umbrella over her properly!!!!!  Sam - you were brilliant too, going along with whatever we suggested but at least you were wrapped up a bit more warmly than Chloe.  It must have been a spectacle - a beautiful bride in a huge wedding gown, carrying a red umbrella, a handsome groom and two photographers struggling through the deep snow.  Freezing is an understatement!  But it was well worth it for the amazing images we got.  After a few photographs around the Christmas tree in the hotel reception, we left Chloe and Sam to join their guests, drink champagne and thaw out whilst we photographed the wedding breakfast room which looked fabulous in its red and gold colour scheme.  Even the favours for the wedding guests had a Christmas theme - red Christmas tree baubles, individually personalised by hand - beautiful.  After the wedding breakfast and the speeches, we had a little time before the evening guests started to arrive and as was still raining, we decided to be kind to Chloe and Sam and work indoors.  A visit to the bridal suite and a short trip around the hotel resulted in some romantic images for the new Mr and Mrs Pickles before they took to the floor for their first dance.  Thank you for inviting us to capture your fabulous winter wedding.  Snow can be unwelcome but on this occasion, it made Chloe and Sam's wedding day and their pictures all the more special.  Hope you're enjoying a fabulous honeymoon in Mexico where we suspect it's just a bit warmer.   

If you attended Chloe and Sam's wedding, please leave a message - thank you.


  1. Janet
    these are excellent images bet the B&G Love them Well done

  2. these pictures are great! we cant wait to see the rest of them!
    we thought the snow would be a nightmare but it made our wedding day as it really was the perfect festive winter wedding with snow on top!
    we are still on honeymoon but will be looking forward to seeing the rest!
    chloe and sam