Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Baby Photography West Yorkshire | Lexie

Lexie's mum and dad, Emily and Nick, booked us in the spring to photograph their wedding next summer in Leeds.  At the time, Emily was expecting Lexie and we made plans to welcome them for a new baby portrait session as soon as possible after she was born.  For some strange reason, this particular day I'd mentioned to Alex that I thought that Emily and Nick's baby should have arrived by now and so I sent the couple a message to ask them if they were proud parents yet.  Nick replied very quickly to say that their daughter had arrived the very same day, six days late, mum and baby were doing well, and could he make arrangements to bring her in for her new baby photographs.  Usually, babies of a few days old are sleepy and as such, can be molded into some very cute shapes which look fabulous on photographs and for this reason, we recommend them being photographed before ten days old whilst they still have the new baby look.  As it was, Lexie, at just six days old, had other ideas and only napped for a couple of minutes at a time!  We are really looking forward to capturing her mum and dad's wedding day and to seeing her grow from a tiny baby into a pretty little girl.


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