Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Horse Photography Yorkshire | Bridal Photo Shoot West Yorkshire | Helen and Henry

As professional photographers in Yorkshire, we love having the opportunity to photograph something different and we recently had a really enjoyable and interesting photo shoot with Helen, whose wedding to Paul we photographed last September.  The couple married in Sherburn in Elmet before celebrating at Steeton Hall, the beautiful home of Helen's mum and step-dad.  For this shoot, Paul was excluded and Helen was, instead, accompanied by a tall, dark and handsome guy called Henry.  We'd had the shoot planned for some time and as is often the case when you do this, the weather decided to give us a run for our money with persistant rain forecast for most of the day, so we had no choice but to play things by ear and keep arrangements for the shoot on standby until the last minute.  Helen, to her credit, decided that she really wanted the shoot to go ahead and wasn't going to let the rain spoil things, so we set off for Steeton Hall, were warmly welcomed by Alison and Chris, had a cuppa whilst Helen got into her wedding dress and then braved the rain to go and meet Henry.  Now we'd heard about Henry and his temperament previously and knew that he is sharp, doesn't miss a trick and is quite easily startled, so we made friends with him and tested our off camera flash to see what his reaction would be.  He also hates being cold and this particular day wasn't exactly warm!  No problems and no objections, however, so we were good to go.  Helen and her mum are both experienced horsewomen and Alison's assistance in handling Henry during the shoot  was invaluable.  When Henry had decided that enough was enough, Alison returned him to his stable and brought out Bugsy, so called because he has big ears!  Bugsy belongs to a friend of Helen's and is being stabled at Steeton Hall so he also had his turn in front of the camera.  We are delighted with the results in spite of the rain and here are a few images from the session including some which made Helen and her mum's final selection.  A stunning horse, a beautiful bride and a lovely location.   

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