Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Wedding Photographer the Marriott Hotel, York | Wedding Photography York for Joanne and Dene

Joanne and Dene's wedding day can be described in just one word - FUN!  This fantastic couple live life to the full and they had already told us that they were up for anything and love a laugh.  Perfect - our kind of couple!

We arrived at Joanne and Dene's house in York and were introduced to Star and Ziggy, their Staffordshire bull terriers and it was really important to Joanne that we got some pictures of these two.  She loves them to bits and had even bought them special collars with some bling seeing as it was a wedding day!

After capturing Joanne's make-up being applied and making sure that we'd photographed all the important details, we left to meet Dene.  As wedding photographers for the Marriott Hotel, York we'd already thought about the locations we were going to use for Dene and the boys' photographs including a sequence of silly jump shots which Dene had said he really wanted and which we had a lot of fun doing.  Dene then put on his more sensible head for some groom portraits before Joanne arrived with her dad, Roy.

This was our third of three weddings in three days and we did pretty well with the weather.  It stayed dry throughout the day so we got everything we needed outside and then it tipped it down during the wedding breakfast and continued into the early evening.  However, this didn't matter as we planned to photograph the couple inside the hotel and had finished our outside shots - or so we thought!

After the speeches which were really funny, especially Roy's as he described how he lives at the bottom of Joanne and Dene's garden and how he hadn't even realised for long enough that Dene had moved in with Joanne, we caught up with the boys who were doing a bit of male bonding outside and with a few suggestions from them for fun pictures including all of them picking Dene up, one thing led to another, resulting in a hilarious conga on the lawn in the pouring rain.  One soggy photographer later, there were some really amusing pictures in the can.    

Leaving the lads to dry off, we took Joanne around the hotel for a while to take some beautiful bridal portraits of her before the couple's first dance to a slow, romantic song which then changed to a faster track and some impressive free style dancing from the new Mr and Mrs Theaker which kicked off the evening party to perfection.  

An incredibly enjoyable, fun packed day with lots of laughter and we are delighted that Joanne and Dene chose us for their wedding photography at the Marriott, York.

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