Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Wedding Photographers at The Craiglands Hotel | Wedding Photography Ilkley for Sabrina and Vimal

We met Sabrina and Vimal for the first time at a wedding fair when they had yet to finalise a date and a venue. What we didn't know at the time was that Sabrina had vowed that when she and Vim did marry, we would be their wedding photographers.  

The couple's plans didn't go very smoothly as they found it difficult to find a wedding venue who would cater for both their English and Asian guests but they finally settled on the Craiglands Hotel in Ilkley and set the date for Sunday, 4 September.  So glad that we were free on their date!

As wedding photographers at the Craiglands Hotel, we arrived nice and early and were greeted by Paul, Sabrina's dad, who was carrying out an unusual fatherly duty - typing bright pink bows to the lamp posts along the hotel driveway.  Soon afterwards, the ladies arrived and we all went upstairs to where Sabrina was getting ready, to photograph her gorgeous dress, fabulous shoes, perfume, jewellery, flowers and putting on make-up.  Sabrina even managed to look good applying mascara with her hair full of curlers!

We left her for a while to take some photographs of Vimal getting ready before meeting the boys outside for a few pictures and keeping Vimal busy doing a bit of relaxed posing for the camera.  Vim's such a nice, kind hearted guy with a very funny sense of humour and we can see why Sabrina loves him so much!

Following the civil ceremony during which the registrar gave us free reign to take whatever photographs we wanted, everyone came outside onto the steps for a big group photograph and the confetti throwing which featured the biggest and most impressive confetti canon we have ever seen.  The family groups were completed really quickly, leaving plenty of time for Sabrina and Vim's pictures together.

The wedding breakfast room looked lovely and we really enjoyed the speeches which were both funny and touching. The couple had chosen a buffet style meal with a mixture of English and Asian food rather than a traditional wedding breakfast and whilst they were eating it rained.  This was disappointing because we'd planned to take Sabrina and Vim to the Cow & Calf for some time out and some photographs together.  Sabrina even brought her trainers to wear on the way up there but because of the rain, we thought that our plans might be scuppered. Good old British summer time strikes again!  However, luck was on our side, the rain stopped when it mattered and as soon as the couple were ready, we all jumped into our car and drove up to the Cow & Calf.  

Sabrina and Vim were brilliant to work with and up for anything we suggested.  As creative wedding photographers in Yorkshire, when you have a couple who are so enthusiastic, you pull out all the stops for them and this is what we did.  Vim was happy to take a short break and admire the stunning backdrop of the Cow & Calf whilst we photographed his beautiful wife posing on a rock.  We then captured some images of them both together, ending with a walk back down the path and back to the car for the short drive to the Craiglands and the evening party.  

This lovely couple took to the floor for their first dance for which they said they didn't have a routine but Sabrina made up one of her own which was pretty impressive and involved almost throwing Vim around the dance floor. This energetic routine was followed by a more serene father and daughter dance and then something we haven't seen before, Sabrina's mum and dad and her grandma and granddad dancing together which was quite emotional to watch.

Our last job was to capture an Asian tradition, organised by Vimal's mum, in which gifts are presented to the newly married couple.  Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Patel and thank you so much for asking us to share your amazing day.

If you were a guest at Sabrina and Vimal's wedding, please feel free to leave a comment - thank you.

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