Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Dog Portrait Photographer West Yorkshire | Max, Belle and Rosie

As family portrait photographers in West Yorkshire, we often find that family extends to the four legged and wet nosed variety and as dog portrait photographers in Castleford and animal lovers ourselves, we're always very enthusiastic about welcoming furry subjects to our studio.   

Spaniels Max, Belle and Rosie brought along their mum, Denise, and her daughter in law to be, Tor, to the session, as they came in handy for a supply of treats (bribes), cuddles and general coaxing and encouragement during the shoot.  

As well as individual dog portraits, Denise wanted some photographs of the three of them together and this did prove something of a challenge with none of them sitting still for much more than a split second, and all darting off in different directions as soon as three pairs of hands were loosened, but patience paid off and we did manage some really nice images.

Max, being a bit more of a poser, was the easiest to get individual portraits of so he went in front of the camera first to show the girls how it's done.  We won't share the technique we used to get each of them to sit and stay in exactly the right position but we are really happy with the results and we hope that Denise will be over the moon with the portraits of her much loved and gorgeous pets.

A pet portrait photo session in our Castleford studio usually costs £50 to include our time photographing your dog or cat, expert editing of your images and a viewing appointment a week or two later so that you can see the best ones and choose your favourites to be printed.  Call us now on 01977 730159 and get your session for just £35 for a limited time.  

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