Thursday, 25 April 2013

Wedding Photographer The Parsonage, Escrick | Kim and Stephen's Wedding

As Yorkshire wedding photographers, we often have to contend with adverse weather, including strong wind, but we weren't expecting the absolute howler of a gale which was blowing for our first time as wedding photographers at The Parsonage, Escrick. Standing at the front of this lovely wedding venue was like being at the centre of a sandstorm with the wind whipping up soil and grit from surrounding fields and throwing it everywhere.  It was hard to stand upright let alone take photographs!

It was calmer, albeit it very crowded, in the bridal suite where Kim was getting ready, along with her bridesmaids and pageboys.  However, Kim definitely ruled the roost and her instructions to the children, including daughters Megan and Abbie and son Alfie, made it easy for us to work efficiently and made us laugh in the process.  We were soon joined by Dean and Denise from Day To Remember Videos who were a pleasure to work with.  

We'd been let into a secret that Kim had booked a classic Rolls Royce from Sheergold Wedding Cars, Yorkshire, to transport Steve from home to his wedding at The Parsonage.  There had been a cloak and dagger operation going on between Kim, us and Jean and Andy from Sheergold for months and at our pre-wedding meeting, we had to remember not to mention the car.  Apparently Steve thought that he was arriving by taxi so traveling in this gorgeous Rolls Royce must have been amazing.  Naturally, we wanted to capture him arriving and this is where we were caught up in the biggest gale we've ever known on a wedding day.  The boys put on brave faces for a few minutes to have some photographs with the car before we sent them inside to recover.  It was bad enough having sandblasted, windswept photographers but we certainly didn't want this for the groom!  However, the rear garden is sheltered by buildings and trees and the boys were happy to go outside for long enough to have a few more shots.

When we went back upstairs, Kim was ready and in her dress, waiting to be escorted into the ceremony by her proud dad and step-dad, both of them sharing the privilege of giving her away.  The registrars made our job really easy, imposing no restrictions on us, meaning we could capture all the important moments as the couple exchanged vows and rings.

We had thought that we might have had to to take the majority of the photographs indoors but there are some which you have no choice but to tackle outside, the obvious ones being those with the car.  Andy was so good to work with, not only acting as chauffeur but repeatedly cleaning the Rolls Royce, re-attaching ribbons when the wind literally tore them off and repositioning the car for us in our attempt to give Kim and Steve at least a little shelter and keep them reasonably comfortable during the photographs.

The couple really wanted a big group photograph with all their guests, followed by confetti, and we were very happy when everyone obliged a request to come outside for a few minutes and to ignore the weather.  The back garden gave so much shelter that previous plans to work indoors were abandoned and we covered all the group shots outside with Kim and Steve smiling and remaining upbeat throughout.

The couple session before the wedding breakfast was short but we knew we'd have some time to work with them after the speeches.  The wind had dropped quite a bit by the evening which meant we could capture some beautiful twilight shots outside The Parsonage without being blown over!

A big thank you to Kim and Steve for inviting us to be your wedding photographers and for being such good fun.  We are very flattered to have been recommended to you and we hope you love your pictures!

If you are getting married at The Parsonage, Escrick, please give us a call on 01977 730159.  If you like our photographs, please Like us on Facebook and if you were a guest at Kim and Steve's lovely wedding, please leave a comment.  Thank you.

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