Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Wedding Photographer Farmer Copley's, Pontefract | Roxanne and Luke's Wedding Photography

We always enjoy working at new venues and it was the first time we have been wedding photographers at Five Towns' Christian Fellowship church in Castleford where Roxy and Luke tied the knot on Yorkshire Day, and also our first time providing the wedding photography at Farmer Copley's in Pontefract.  We hit it off at our first meeting with the couple as they are so lovely, very enthusiastic, devoted to each other and extremely kind and considerate.  We knew we'd have a great time on their wedding day and we just hoped for decent weather, especially given the venue they had chosen.  As Castleford wedding photographers, it's not often we get to work so close to home but Roxy got ready at her parents' house, two minutes' drive away, and the couple married in a church just round the corner, in one of the most joyful and personal ceremonies we've had the pleasure of capturing.  It was a first for their minister too - the first marriage ceremony he had conducted.  A colour scheme of deep plum was complimented by bright yellow sun flowers but the sun itself stayed well and truly hidden until much later!  Farmer Copley's is a working farm, surrounded by fields, and the wedding breakfast was held in a marquee in one of them.  Roxy and Luke really wanted their group photos taking there with the backdrop of open countryside and as the weather had held for Luke's photographs with his attendants and throughout the ceremony, we hoped for the best, took a chance and left straight after the confetti photos, but boy was it windy when we arrived!  Heather Copley and her staff were brilliant and her common sense and her desire to do the best she could for us and the wedding party was invaluable when, just as we were getting into the group photo session, the heavens opened and everyone had no choice but to run for cover.  We photographed the interior of the marquee and the table details and Heather suggested bringing the speeches and wedding breakfast forward and picking up on the group photographs afterwards because the weather forecast for later was much better.  We kept our fingers crossed that her weather app and ours were telling the truth!  Thankfully, the rain stopped, the wind dropped and it was beautiful in the early evening, enabling us to photograph the groups immediately after the wedding breakfast and then take Roxy and Luke off for their photographs together.  Thank you Mr and Mrs Earnshaw, Dawn, Simon, Joyce and Kerry for inviting us to share your wonderful day, for taking everything in your stride, for being so helpful when the weather conspired against us, and for looking after us so well.  We hope you enjoy this preview of a few of our favourite images.  

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