Sunday, 16 August 2015

Wedding Photography at Hazlewood Castle | Hayley & Jonathan's Wedding

The last Saturday in July is one of the most popular wedding dates and Hayley and Jonathan were quick and secured us as their Hazlewood Castle wedding photographers. We loved every minute spent with the couple and their guests, starting with an early morning civil ceremony in the Victoria Room.  After they had tied the knot, we tagged along as Hayley disappeared upstairs to get ready for the blessing, simultaneously having her hair styled and her make-up applied.  Some pretty impressive pampering!!  She had chosen a beautiful dress, gorgeous flowers, and a pair of rainbow shoes which reflected the theme the couple had chosen for their spectacular rainbow wedding day.  We caught up with the boys for their photo session before the blessing in the chapel of St Leonard, conducted by Ian Walton.  He makes every service personal and relevant to each couple and because he welcomes and encourages professional wedding photography, believing as we do that these are the bride and groom's memories to look back on in years to come, we love working with him.  Hayley and Jonathan were a delightful couple to photograph.  Their enthusiasm and their willingness to work with us before and after their wedding breakfast resulting in plenty of gorgeous Hazlewood Castle wedding photographs.  Their obvious affection for each other and the feedback we received whilst we photographed them around this lovely venue made for a very good time and Jonathan's testimonial on our Facebook page the day after made us feel a bit humble but extremely proud.  The couple had a rainbow umbrella which they really wanted to use in some of their photographs.  We were delighted when they presented it to us as a gift immediately after we'd completed the photographs.  Thank you so much guys, we love it!  We headed back to the castle, photographed Pedally Steve - if you're looking for something original and impressive, check him out - and then the first dance, ending our coverage with some photographs outside in the courtyard as dusk fell.  What can we say Mr and Mrs Oakes, except thank you for booking us, for being stars all day, for the unexpected and very welcome gift, and for your kind words.  We can't wait to see you on your return from honeymoon.  Your album will be a cracker!

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