Monday, 31 October 2011

Children's Portrait Photography West Yorkshire | Creative Portraits for Bo and Ava

As professional children's portrait photographers in West Yorkshire we sometimes get the chance to work with clients who, like us, are very creative and who are looking for portraits which are a bit different.  We get really excited about opportunities like this and when we chatted to our friend and very talented professional make-up artist, Katherine, about working together to create some artistic children's portraits of her beautiful daughters, Bo and Ava, we knew that together, we would get some outstanding images.

Katherine had told us that Bo was very amenable and patient and that she had a great look for the kind of images we had in mind. She was less sure about getting co-operation from Ava who she warned us would not do something she didn't want to do, including pose for the camera.  So we had high hopes for Bo but an open mind about Ava!

Well the results speak for themselves.  Katherine's expert styling, a few ideas which developed as the session progressed, some images with a bit of a Les Miserables feel to them and some old fashioned, dressing up type images using some fabulous hats, plus two stunning, photogenic and expressive little girls who co-operated like a dream meant that everything came together perfectly for a fantastic photo session.  So happy with these images!

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