Thursday, 6 October 2011

Family Photography West Yorkshire | Portraits for the Smith Family

As family portrait photographers in West Yorkshire, we recently welcomed the Smith family to our studio.  They were such a laugh to work with as Jay has a very funny sense of humour, all of them were really happy and it was obvious that they enjoyed their time with us.  We worked though several ideas for family photographs before giving mum and dad the job of standing behind the camera and helping to make Brooke laugh.  However, she's such a gorgeous smiley baby anyway that it wasn't difficult.  We took  some baby photographs of Brooke on her own before bringing in the brightly coloured tub stack which she loves.  It was hilarious because Cara and I had to stack the tubs whilst Jay held firmly onto Brooke, as she just wanted to crawl to the tub stack and demolish it before we could get it fully assembled.  A great session!

If you would like to book a family portrait session, please call Janet on 01977 730159

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