Monday, 10 October 2011

Pet Portraits Yorkshire | Dog Photographs for Bear Baines

We recently photographed Alex and John's wedding and as well as finding out the happy news, on the wedding day no less, that the couple are expecting a baby in February, we also got to know that Alex and John have two dogs, Diesel and Bear, and although they've had photographs taken of Diesel, Bear the chow hadn't had his turn in front of a professional West Yorkshire pet photographer.

We asked Alex and John the usual question we ask when we're approached to take photographs of dogs.  Does he sit to command?  Yes, he will sit, was the answer.  Great - that's always a good start.  We were quite excited about welcoming Bear into the studio as we'd never photographed a chow before and we suspected that he'd make a great subject, looking as he does, like a big teddy bear.

Alex and John arrived with Bear and a bribe - a tub of cheese!  This was to be used to keep Bear looking in the appropriate direction and sitting in the right spot.  At least that was the plan.  Bear did sit to command - occasionally - but only for a nano second.  We'd get him in just the right position with great lighting on him, Alex would wave a lump of cheese at him to get him looking somewhere in the region of the right direction and each time, with the camera focussed on him, Alex the photographer would call Bear's name get him to look towards to the camera and Bear would move completely.  What is it they say about never working with children and animals?  Well we do both and with patience and fast reactions, you sometimes get pictures like this one.

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