Friday, 18 November 2011

New Baby Photography Yorkshire | Jasmine's Newborn Photographs

Jasmine's mum, Gemma, came in a few weeks ago for a baby bump photography session and her favourite images from the session were designed into a beautiful maternity book which she presented to her husband, Paul, for his birthday in October.  

Following this session, we eagerly awaited the news that baby "Peanut", as she has been affectionately nicknamed, had arrived.  Very tiny but absolutely perfect, this baby girl is incredibly special and the road to her birth has been so tough that it's been an absolute privilege to share this family's story.  To be chosen to be the new baby photographers in Yorkshire to capture Jasmine's first year is something we will always be proud of.

Gemma booked us for a three session package in addition to her pregnancy photo shoot.  Usually the bump is the first session in the package but Gemma preferred this to be a stand alone shoot as a special gift for Paul and for the new baby photography session to be the first of the three.

Gemma was determined that the opportunity for newborn photographs wouldn't be allowed to pass and she let us know straight away that Jasmine had arrived, although at that stage a name hadn't been finalised and the baby was still "Peanut".  We had a brilliant time in the studio taking lots of different new baby images, some of which featured Peanut dressed as a peanut!  She was very sleepy throughout the entire session, didn't cry once and didn't demand to be fed.  Very unusual and we suspect that things have changed a lot since then!

What was really nice was the Gemma and Paul had some photographs taken with Jasmine and these images will be treasured as they capture this new family together when Jasmine was at her tiniest.

Looking forward to seeing them all again for session number two and to telling the story of Jasmine's first year in a personally designed Italian storybook album.

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