Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Wedding Photographer Monk Fryston Hall | Gemma and Andy's Wedding

For a mid-November wedding, you'd at least expect freezing temperatures and quite possibly rain or fog but Gemma and Andy really dropped lucky with a beautiful, bright day which wasn't even particularly cold, for their civil ceremony and wedding reception at Monk Fryston Hall.  

First we went to Gemma and Andy's house where Katherine was well underway applying Gemma's make-up.  Then we disappeared upstairs to take some photographs of all those things which are really important to the bride (apart from the groom of course!) - Gemma's stunning dress, shoes, perfume and jewellery.

Gemma was juggling getting herself ready with looking after daughters Lola and Megan and doing a pretty impressive job of multi-tasking!  She'd decided not to get dressed until later so after capturing a few images of the bridesmaids who were ready before we left, we headed off to Monk Fryston Hall to meet Andy and his best man and we wondered around the grounds taking some relaxed photographs of them before they were called inside to see the registrars.

Gemma arrived with her dad in a more unusual mode of transport - a VW camper van - and as they were early, we had a few minutes to take photographs as the remaining guests were seated for the civil ceremony.  

The weather stayed dry, the guests all came outside, we got a big group shot of everyone on the lawn and rattled through the remaining groups leaving plenty of time for Gemma and Andy's photographs together.  As Monk Fryston Hall wedding photographers, we know that there are some great locations for photographs and as Gemma and Andy had allowed a generous amount of time before the wedding breakfast, this meant that we could use some of these locations for relaxed photographs without being rushed.  

The wedding breakfast room looked fabulous with its brown and orange colour scheme which was very appropriate for an autumn wedding.  The guests enjoyed dinner and speeches and afterwards Gemma and Andy joined us outside for some evening photographs.  It was chilly by now but we had no complaints as it was great working outside with the new Mr and Mrs Mather getting some beautiful shots with video light and the ambient light from the building.

Congratulations to Gemma and Andy.  It was a pleasure to photograph your lovely autumn wedding.

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